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September 21, 2023

44 thoughts on “A Great Pole Shift Video by Ben Davidson

  1. Well, that’s another ingredient let out of the limited hangout’s bag, i.e. that the entire planet flips 180° (which causes crustal displacement aka pole shift).

    I wonder how long it’ll be before they suggest a connection between 12,000 year periodicity and 24,000 year equinoctial precession (and The Sun’s barycentric orbit with its dual)?

    That The Sun’s dual has been occulted for so many years (Eleusinian Mysteries, Vesica Piscis, suppression of the Cathars, etc.) is the big clue that it is key to understanding the process.

    1. 90 or 180 degrees, Zod?

      I think that 90 is the right answer, since only 90 degrees turn makes possible succesive production of oil and gas in formerly tropical regions which after pole shifts momentarily get sealed by ice.

      Greenland oil and gas will be finally free! Now you know why Trump wanted to buy this land with a name from a past time…

      Obviously, the core could turn 180 and the crust just 90. Earth is not a solid body, after all.

      Moreover, the symbolism of cross as well as of the so-called Aryan cross aka swastika, supports 90-degrees turn.

      Don’t always believe Ben, he is a seller of half-truths, and his nick ‘suspicious observer’ I read as a wink that buyers beware, and be suspicious.

      1. JtA, equinoctial precession is caused by The Sun’s orbit about its dual, which effectively causes The Earth to oscillate above & below the galactic plane, and thus between oppositely polarised magnetic fields. Consequently, The Earth axially realigns (flips 180°) every 12,000 years – and the force of this flip gives rise to crustal displacement (far less than 90 degrees, more like 10-20).

        All crosses derive from the Zodiac – mankind’s 24,000 year long calendar.

        This flip has the characteristic of occurring with little warning, and occurring relatively rapidly (10-20 hours or so).

  2. Even the old guy at the beginning of Ben video (I think it is Velikovsky) speaks about “cruising of paleomagnetism”. Cross signifies 90-degrees steps of this cruising, and swastika serifs denote that it is a right-screw.
    I think it must be more than 10-20 degrees, at least in case of a full polar reversal. Maybe 10-20 degrees are for polar excursions.
    Ben “forgets” that Chan’s argument for a deluge coming from west was keeping the momentum by water, at least for 24 hours needed for a deluge. If lands move before a deluge, people on those lands can watch water coming from some new directions (relatively), but it will be water following the already old configuration. Judging from a long time given for the Deluge in the Bible- between 40 and 100 days – this momentum will be preserved significantly longer than 24 hours.
    Ben is, as usual, meddling.
    In this same vein, he leaves people in confusion where will be the axis of reversal: equator? a line along a volcano ring?
    The only plus of Ben is that he provides a lot of links for studies, some even interesting, so people can study the matter on their own (not that many do, judging from comments under his videos).

    1. JtA, North will spiral down to South as South spirals up to North. The Earth’s axis of rotation, spin direction, and rotational velocity remain unchanged to an external observer. However, from the perspective of someone on the surface, The Sun will henceforth rise on the opposite horizon.

      The swastika simply denotes the rotational aspect of the Zodiac, i.e. due to orbit. Compare with the ‘black sun’ symbol.

      Although the flip is fairly rapid, the flood may well take days to drain off the land, and the aftermath will last years (volcanic ash won’t be fun either). Tectonic disturbance will also cause some land masses to rise or fall.

      1. Zod, if the Sun is to rise on the opposite horizon for a great majority of local observers, the shift must be larger than 10-20 degrees.

        Maybe it will be Coriolis force which will finally put oceans in their new places.

        The volcanic aspect is usually not discussed enough (eg. by Ben) but for some it may be the most important one (the lessons of Lemuria or Mu).

        Not sure whether astronomical swastika is so banal – but, yes, the ‘great’/zodiacal orbit is clockwise, like swastika (Earth own orbit is counterclockwise). Anyway, the great conundrum of ‘cruising magnetism’ is that no land stays safe for ever: lands good for sheltering in the past (e.g. South America) became not the best choice by the next iteration.

      2. JtA,

        The degree of crustal displacement is a separate issue from the Sun rising on the opposite horizon after a 180 degree flip. Effectively, The Earth rotates in the opposite direction. Some people mistakenly believe this means Earth must slow, stop, and then restart. There is instead, a ‘graceful’ momentum preserving inversion, but one which nevertheless results in a bit of slosh in land, sea, and air.

        The Swastika exists in clockwise and anti-clockwise forms. This simply denotes rotation (cyclic progression) – not that the direction of rotation is significant. The sundial’s clockwise rotation of its gnomon’s shadow in Rome probably established the direction of ‘clockwise’. There is a celestial gnomon in the form of Sirius, and this travels 180 degrees around the Zodiac between cataclysms. Hence our mythologies placing importance on the line drawn from Pleiades via Taurus and Orion, and when the bow constellation would shoot the jackal, and when the Great Pyramid’s shafts similarly align. There’s also the vernal equinox, but Sirius is easier to see.

      3. The ‘black sun’ was a ‘dark’ star (emitting no white light, thus invisible for human eyes) around which Sol allegedly orbits. Something like a dark binary companion…?
        Due to its ‘darkness’ it could not be Sirius.

  3. By the way, Zod, do you have any idea why South American civilizations which, like Egypt, were probably progeny of Atlantis (a legendary land of ‘Aztlan’) developed mass human sacrifices, whereas Egypt did not?

    I realize that incidental human sacrifices (examples in Homer’s Iliad) existed in many ancient cultures but Aztecs really went into numbers, so to say.

    1. I have not studied anthropological research concerning sacrifice. Even so, as a means of controlling/subjugating the citizenry who knows whether it was handed down from Atlantean progenitors or simply rediscovered. No doubt it still occurs (real or staged) in secret societies to put the fear of god (or the devil) into their obedient henchmen.

      1. I always assumed that cultures who believed the gods had just caused untold numbers of deaths might think they could appease the gods and avoid cataclysm by offering enough human lives. Those with better understanding, such as an established lineage of astronomer-priests in Egypt, might not fall prey to such notions as the Aztecs did.

      2. JtA, you can convince the masses of anything, e.g. that a terrible pandemic exists and that wearing masks will ward it off.

        Those who organise psyops, whether sacrifice or pandemic, know that their inventions remain inventions. It’s the psyop’s effect on the people that is the objective.

      3. Sorry David, I was replying to your comment thinking it was by JtA.

        However, no civilisation will develop or be lasting that is ruled by morons who think that sacrifice will appease the gods. That idea is provided for the benefit of the credulous masses – who are ruled by Machiavellian psychopaths.

      4. But it never works. The Aztecs lost their last war precisely due to their sacrifices. Their ‘allies’ who paid them the tribute of their own people for sacrifices sided with the Spaniards. Moreover, the Aztecs knew human sacrifice was not such a great idea since they used foreigner captives gained as the outcome of the ritual ‘flower wars’. This euphemistic name hints again that not all was what it seemed.
        Maybe there is some dark secret here. Why for example some animals are kosher and others not? Is the blood of lamb substantially different than the blood of piglet…? Why the use of name ‘holocaust’/sacrifice for the Nazi destruction of Jews (the Jews themselves prefer the term ‘shoah’/calamity) ?

      5. Maybe they were/are Cainites.
        ‘The Cainites are sometimes called libertine Gnostics for believing that true perfection, and hence salvation, comes only by breaking all the laws of the Old Testament. The violation of biblical prescriptions was, therefore, a religious duty.Because it was difficult to violate all biblical laws during a single lifetime, the Cainites did not look for salvation in the created world but rather escape from it. ‘

        Escape = Rapture ….?

        America has some deep interest in Cain too (well Freemasons are ‘Craftsmen’, Cainites likewise). Also heard that America is the land of ‘two towers’…hm.

        ‘ Here, then, I simply assert the Scriptural character of American religion in practical terms: as the experienced enactment of this consideration and search for the “primordial”, however defined, the American religious character has involved itself in the constant tracing and retracing of the figure, not of the Christian Church’s life, not of the Body of Christ, itself a renewal of the human race in time, but of Adam’s progeny, of Cain and of the children of Cain. The very fixation of American experience on beginnings and re-creation represents a return to the moment in which humanity stands on the brink of violence, to choose it or, in ignoring it, to be captured by it anew. Anne Bradstreet’s Puritan “contemplations” of human existence tellingly hovers over this event, universalizes it, and declines to move into even the outplaying of divine election’s process in time’


  4. Ah so. The N latitudes simply become S latitudes, like in the mirror. Plus/minus some 10-20 degrees of crustal shift.
    But Zod, your explanation does not explain how sub/tropical areas can suddenly found themselves under ice.
    The location of oil deposits is a strong indicator for 90 degrees shift.

    A lot of oil now is around the equator – Brazilian oil, Guinea Bay (Nigeria, Angola – the opposite sites of the equator), Indonesia, Guyana, Venezuela – which suggests these areas were previously in subpolar or polar regions.
    Further, we have oil in subpolar regions too, e.g. North Sea, Siberia.
    Moreover, the great oil provinces seem to be centered around former poles: Ural, Black Sea, Persian Gulf – Caspian Sea Pole; Pennsylvania – what they call Laurentide ice sheet (Wisconsin Pole), etc.

    The 180 pole flip may be true, basing it on Dzhanibekov effect, but I still think crustal displacement should be larger than 10 to 20 degrees.

    1. Few suggest a pole shift of as little as 10-20 degrees. Hapgood and Flem-Ath said around 30 degrees, Brown and Thomas and White suggest a hair less than 90 degrees, and some suggest 180 degrees – though that would fail to change the climate for long (whatevr latitude you were at, you’re still at after.) IMHO 30-90 degree shifts explain more of the evidence than 10 degree or 180 degree shifts.

    2. JtA, crustal displacements can accumulate over a very long period of time, however, each one is small 10-20° and relatively unpredictable. By this means, some equatorial regions may once have been polar, and vice versa.

      For single displacements of 45-90° one has to provide an explanation as to why they occur, and why they do so just after The Sun and its dual have cross the galactic plane (like clockwork, every 12,000 years).

      1. https://www.sott.net/article/447976-USGS-Largest-gravity-changes-ever-recorded-2018-Kilauea-eruption

        Some time ago I read about a fleet of satellites devoted just to monitoring Earth’s gravity: this to make you aware that gravity changes are measured not only at Kilauea.

        With all long-sleeping volcanoes erupting in the future, the internal distribution of mass of Earth might get unbalanced. With its mass moving upwards, the effect on Earth could be the loss of parts of its crust, and/or of creating the famous ’empty’ Earth inside.

        Moreover, the increase of mass close to the Earth surface could provide the planet with the necessary momentum to turn around (a bit like a propeller, which is usually largest at edges, its blades would be those lava cones coming from inside towards Earth surface, visible in Ben’s video).


        The prize question is: what is driving lava around the world closer to the Earth surface? Another source of gravity, closer than usual, maybe? Why is lave simply not moving around (like water in oceans), but rising upwards?

        But even this theory would propose a crustal shift of more than 10-20 degrees since ‘propellers’ are not concentrated inside some small 10-20 cone. What evidence do you have for just 10-20 degrees of a crustal shift, Zod?

      2. JtA, perhaps I should start saying 20-40° – if this better matches with evidence of pole shift. As I’ve said before, I’m not trying to be specific about the precise degree of crustal displacement. I’m just trying to have a shorthand way of saying that the crustal displacement each 180° flip is a consequence of the flip, and IS SMALL, certainly not 45-90°. This small crustal displacement occurs due to inertia, not due to ice accummulation, or other rebalancing facilitated by a peculiar reduction in friction.

        All the introspective hypotheses about the causation being terrestrial ignore far more likely external causes, i.e. equinoctial precession (and what causes that). The 12,000 year cycle is not driven by any terrestrial clock, but by an external one – which is why the external cause is deliberately hidden/occulted.

      3. Zod, I am fully with you on board that the clock is EXTERNAL. Nevertheless, it does not mean that nothing happens on Earth up until the moment of pole shift. Earthly phenomena are not an outcome of Earth’s own clock, but of some external triggers. So, this trigger is moving lava up to Earth surface too. I just ask how?

        It also looks like there is some gravitational component: you yourself say inertia plays a role. Inertia is a mechanical force. It is also a bit contradictory to say that the powerful turn of 180 degrees of Earth will take place as an outcome of changing electromagnetic field, but Earth’s crust will only turn due to inertia. Actually, Newtonian mechanics would say that in such case the crust should turn also 180 degrees (or even more, since the crust mass is smaller than the mass of the entire Earth), just in the opposite direction. Of course, there is friction between Earth crust and upper mantle, so it will be less than that.

        But the easiest way of explaining all that would be a celestial body (or bodies), both magnetically and gravitationally powerful, and periodically coming close to Earth.
        Your idea of changing galactic polarization begs the question what is polarizing the Milky Way Galactic itself…? It is improbable that millions of stars will polarize in the same direction by an accident.

      4. Moreover, a force powerful enough to polarize the half of our Galactic, should be powerful enough to flip poles not only of Earth, but of other planets in Solar System.
        On the other hand, the idea of a recurring celestial body as a trigger does not demand that – everything would depend on a particular configuration of orbits.

      5. JtA, yes, there are likely to be precursors to a magnetically induced pole flip, primarily due to disturbance/collapse of the magnetosphere. It is possible there is also an effect upon The Earth itself, volcanism, seismicity, etc.

        When the planet flips 180°, of course the crust goes with it, but while the planet will immediately stabilise in its new orientation, the inertia of the crust means that it carries on moving some few degrees, e.g. 20°-30°.

        People have indeed suggested that pole shift might be occasioned by the passing of a celestial body. However, there is very little in support of such a theory, and a lot against it. This body must always pass just close enough to Earth to disturb its crust (magnetically or gravitationally), but not so close that it disturbs its orbit, and do so with the same periodicity as the orbit of Sun with its dual, and always just after the two stars cross the galactic plane. In other words, it is a bit of a Deus Ex Machina and falls foul of Occam’s Razor. It also has difficulty explaining a reversal in the Earth’s rotation.

        A magnetic field that is null at the plane, but stronger further away, and consequently of opposite polarity either side, is an explanation that actually fits the evidence.

        And yes, any other strongly magnetically polarised planet(s) in the Solar system would also flip 180°.

        1. I completely agree with Zod on this – there is no “Planet X” or Nibiru system regularly crossing through our system and causing disasters on Earth – this nonsensical idea popularized by Zecharia Sitchin isn’t what the Sumerians described at all, and it isn’t real, because as one author put it, this “Imaginary Bullshit Planet” would have obliterated Earth by now if it came close every 3,600 years. As for the number of degrees the crust shifts over the core during a pole shift, I’d say the evidence is unclear but 30, 89, and 180 degree shifts are top contenders.

  5. Zod, what do you think about ‘two luminaries’ here… Sirius and X….? After all, the alleged planet X moves clockwise, like Sol around Sirius. And Manetho is one of the more serious sources.

    ‘Aside from the Bible there are other ancient writings that suggest our interpretations of ancient history may need to be more complex than we suspect. One of the most intriguing references comes from the Egyptian historian Manetho who says “the Watchers who had descended to earth in the general cosmic year 1000, held converse with men, and taught them that the orbits of the two luminaries, being marked by the 12 signs of the Zodiac, are composed of 360 parts.” ‘


  6. JtA, Planet X is the official name for a body gravitationally inferred. This is of course, The Sun’s twin or dual, which is about 3,000AU away at the moment (just past apoastron).

    Officially, the distance of Sirius is 8.6LY away, and it only appears not to precess like all other fixed stars because it is in a 50 year orbit around an invisible super-dense companion called Sirius B, and coincidentally, its orbit makes it appear as if it doesn’t precess. Strangely, it has continued not to precess for far longer than 150 years (Sirius B was ‘discovered’ in 1856).

    As to the Zodiac, and 360 degrees (being easier to divide than 365 days), compare it with the Chinese Zodiac, which has Yin Ying at its centre – denoting mankind’s 2×12,000 year lifecycle.

  7. I can’t see any other reasonable reason for the dogmatic dismissal of the ancient Nibiru hypothesis than the Annunaki problem.
    No Nibiru = no Annunaki. All that hints that we are not in the best relationship with them.
    You must admit, in the wake of the official UFO “disclosure”, the reluctance to talk about them is a bit strange.
    I mean, all those UFOs are coming here for sightseeing trips from Andromeda…? But not from Nibiru, that’s for sure.

    1. from a post I made years ago: “Nibiru – as understood by most modern readers – is complete B.S. And what I mean by that is that the idea of some exoplanet from beyond our solar system orbiting in every 3600 years and coming close enough to cause catastrophes on earth – yet magically not quite close enough to mess up Earth’s orbit and kill us all in any of the last however many thousands of approaches – is not scientifically plausible. The idea was made up by the popular author Zechariah Sitchin, but it’s garbage.

      There is a wonderful scholarly analysis of Nibiru by a PhD here: http://www.sitchiniswrong.com/nibiru.pdf

      Let’s go straight to the source for some real insights on Nibiru:

      In the Sumerian creation epic, the Enuma Elish, Nibiru is mentioned many times. The root of the word means “crossing point“ and although it is usually used in conjunction with a god, a star, or another astronomical body, it is sometimes used to merely represent a bridge over a river, a gateway, or a door.

      Nibiru is often referred to as the great god Marduk’s star or planet. It has been associated with Jupiter (many times) Mercury (once) the pole star, and an otherwise unnamed star. It is described as appearing irregularly and appearing every year, and is described as having a fixed position and as having changed its position. I believe this confusion is because the true importance of Nibiru is in the form of an alignment of multiple heavenly bodies. I believe this was understood by earlier Sumerian writers, but that the concept was no longer fully understood by later Babylonians who still used its name with single heavenly bodies.

      ….[An] important alignment in the sky occurs when the winter solstice sun is in alignment with the galactic center – and is met by Jupiter. This event is an astronomical marker in time – a clue to the timing of one of Dr. Paul LaViolette’s galactic superwaves arriving based on the periodic activity (Seyfert phase) of the massive black hole at the galactic center. This [active galactic center] is the astronomical representation of God becoming manifest in the sky, because when this occurs, the galactic center is suddenly visible, even in daytime. The last time this event was visible, it was known to the Egyptians as the Eye of Horus; in India as the Navel of Vishnu; to Hebrews as the Shekinah Glory; to Muslims it is the Tariq Star; to the Hopi it is the Blue Star Kachina…

      It sits at the crossing point of the Milky Way (the “spine” of the galaxy provides a visible line in the sky) and the path of the ecliptic – the course/line followed by the sun and planets through the signs of the zodiac. At this crossing point of the two lines is the galactic center, which periodically becomes brightly visible at the time when an incoming superwave arrives and causes destruction like a pole shift. This is the Mayan conjunction of the four roads in the sky and when the winter solstice sun (the sun on its shortest, weakest, dying day) appears at this crossroads it is represented by Jesus dying on the cross and being reborn a few days later.

      So when the Enuma Elish cuneiform tells us “Nibiru is his [Marduk’s in context] star, which he made appear in the heavens” (Tablet VII, line 130-131) we know Nibiru “appears” – it had not been visible, then it becomes visible, like the galactic center during a Seyfert phase…

      When the Enuma Elish says “let Nibiru be the holder of the crossing place of the heaven and of the earth” (Tablet VII, line 124) we know Nibiru sits at an important crossing place in the sky – in my opinion, the crossing point of the ecliptic and the Milky Way.

      As the galactic center is normally not visible, but is brightly illuminated at the start of horrific events that periodically cause a pole shift – which happens to occur when the winter solstice sun is near the galactic center in conjunction with Jupiter – this conjunction is also associated with our sun, and with Jupiter, and with the pole shift that sets a new course for the heavenly bodies in the sky. The heavenly bodies do not actually change course, but because the ground beneath us moves in relation to our axis of rotation the course of heavenly bodies appears to change, from the view of survivors of the pole shift.

      “He [Marduk in context] set fast the position of Nibiru to fix their [the stars] bounds” (Tablet V, Line 6) – the galactic center is the central and most important point in the sky, newly visible and appearing at the time of destruction of the former world, so the crossing point it marks must seem very important. This new eye of God appearing in the sky must seem to be responsible for setting the new course of the stars and planets in the sky.

      One other mention from outside the Enuma Elish is also worth noting, as it describes the central position (in the central bulge of the Milky Way) and controlling role Nibiru plays in the new order in the sky when we are told “after the gods of the night [the stars] have been finished, dividing the sky in half, this star is Nibiru.” (Astrolabe B, the Star catalogue known as “KAV 218B ii, lines 29-32)

      So in summary, I believe Nibiru originally represented a god-star-crossing-point – the crucial alignment which occurs with Jupiter and the sun at the suddenly visible galactic center during a pole shift, but that this understanding was lost already by Babylonian times, because the galactic center only remains visible for a few centuries. Eventually the correct understanding of Nibiru, and how the galactic center’s periodic active phases lead to pole shifts – this understanding was lost over time – leading to improper use of the name Nibiru for multiple heavenly bodies, causing much confusion, greatly compounded by the false teachings of Sitchin in modern times.

      Not every dot of light in the night sky means Nibiru is approaching. Not every lens flare in a photograph is Nibiru. Statistically, any rogue star or planet crossing near enough to Earth to cause devastation every 3600 years (for which there is no serious evidence) would have entirely destroyed the planet ages ago. While I do think the real “Nibiru” (the galactic center) will be visible in the sky soon because I think evidence points to a pole shift coming in late 2019, I merely believe Nibiru refers to the newly visible galactic center experiencing its active/Seyfert phase, not some non-existent rogue planet allegedly approaching us.

      1. Well, if Nibiru really is the Crossing of ecliptic with the Galactic Disk of Milky Way at its center, I only wonder why Sumerians do have a notion of ‘nibiru’ but not of (1) galactic, nor (2) Milky Way as our Galactic, nor (3) galactic center as galactic’s axis of rotation

      2. Also, if Nibiru were a planet captured once by Sun, it would become a planet within Solar System. That would mean that it would get some definite orbit, meaning it could come here again and again and do exactly what it tends to do – create a pole shift but not destroy the planet by its tidal forces.

        Also, no orbit is ultimate. The suggestion is that Mars had once water, and something took it away (or drove it under Mars surface). How can the highest mountain of Mars, Olympus Mons, have 20000 meters, when Mars has no volcanic activity and is a much smaller planet? Perhaps, the attraction force which drove Olympus Mons up, could suck the Mars water away too.

        It is said that dinosaurs had too weak bones for Earth gravity. But if gravity was once smaller, as it would be when Earth was once a larger Tiamat, that could be possible. The total mass of this planet would be larger, but gravity measured on its surface could be smaller due to its larger radius.

        The Tiamat legend is actually a legend of the capture of Nibiru by Solar System.

      3. My take: Nibiru means ‘planet of the crossing’, and this refers to Sirius, which crosses the galactic plane twice a great year, and did so relatively recently (in a 24,000 year time scale).

        NB ‘Planet’ in its classical sense means persistent, non-fixed, naked-eye visible, illuminated object on the nocturnal celestial sphere.

  8. Hello David, I read your book Pole Shift, I really liked it, I also read the recently published book The Next End of the World, by Ben Davidson I also liked it. What do you think when approximately all this will happen in what year or decade, I hope I won’t have to wait for the next century.

      1. I think that everything will happen between 2030 and 2050, of course, I really would like it to happen earlier. When the pole shift occurs, the magnetic fields will have to disappear, then the radiation from the Sun and cosmic radiation can be said to fry the Earth, plus the Sun is currently at a minimum and will be even worse. It is necessary to prepare undergraund bunkers, the question is where they should be located so as not to end up at the bottom of the ocean.

  9. I wonder just how much of the debunking by Mainstream science, the CIA, and the military is just about misleading and confusing the entire subject to the public. Makes me suspicious that this scientific idea of pole shifting catastrophism is not even entertained as a valid idea. It’s science shutting down science. Science is about inquiry and discovery, and revision of old ideas and theories when they no longer explain certain phenomenon.
    Today Scientific inquiry is like a hidden or suppressed pursuit of the truth because it seems academia is either forced to suppress new and valid discovery, or these institutions do not wish to have their theories tested or challenged. It would seem that this issue is so important that it should be shared and pursued by the scientific community and the state department. Alas, both entities are unsurpassable at hiding and censoring truth, even truth that could save a good portion of the globes flora and fauna and humanity from disaster to come.
    I, personally, believe the so-called “global warming” and “climate change” to be red herrings for what is really going on and what will happen in the next 25 to 30 years(tops). By that time I will be in the 88 to 90 y/o range. As I see it my time on the earth now is 2/3 over by now. COVID is a screen for what world wide governments really have in mind, and it is so painfully obvious at this point. I have lived my life and only wish the future a new start free of tyranny and oppression by petty tyrants and self glorified scientists who seem to benefit by the misery and abjectness of others.
    I have just recently turned on to this topic and have read David’s book about the coming pole shift and have read Velikovsky’s works, too. I remember at a very young age my grandmother telling me the story of Noah in Genesis.
    It scared the hell out of me then. She had a very calm and matter of fact way of relating the story to an 8 y/o. She seemed to believe it literal history. I remember her as a very religious and spiritual person. She seemed to think the end was imminent as far back as the 1960’s. Not that I am political, but I now believe Trump to be the last American president. What happens now, from this imposter president on to the future, is nothing but shadow government and government by the UN. We have truly entered a dark age and a dark time. Instead of all humanity waking up and being enlightened the powers that be have plunged most of humanity into despair.
    The topic of pole shift and catastrophism has firmly taken hold of me. What I was taught in college Earth Science and Astronomy, as well as Biology, I now look at as old thinking and perhaps antiquated (and, “ignorant”?).
    Chemistry and Physics were the most important science courses I took in college. I was introduced to Newton and Einstein in those courses. That was 40+ years ago, though. Today, education is not about learning as it is about indoctrination. I know, because I had to be a part of some of that “education”. I believe now that one must pursue the learning and education that one desires. In other words it has to be motivated from within. Students are not trained today to read and to think critically. To think critically helps one to sift through much of the garbage that passes as truth in order to pursue truth. That is how I came along this topic and am reading as much about it as I can.

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