November 29, 2023

3 thoughts on “America’s New Leaders

  1. Well, they are starting with the challenge of 100 days of mask.
    At least it is clear. Somewhere else, in Europe, they call it ‘100 days of responsibility’.

  2. The end plan is: the Aryan lords of Colorado (you know the infamous ‘Blucifer’ of Denver International aka the ‘Rock Castle’ of Q is actually a unicorn, right ?) are going to lord over the Trumpsterian society of red necks, namely farmers and hunters and carpenters etc. Back to feudalism in the post-shift world !
    ‘Trump’, soon to die anyway, will be the founding myth of the new Trumpsterian society, a myth, however, only for subjects, not rulers. People should take notice that the current mechanisms of partisan politics centered around personalities actually simulate the feudal society and its typical, unquestioned allegiance towards your feudal lord/liege. It’s feudalism, not anarchy! The Democrats and the Republicans are more like the Red Rose and the White Rose, Lancaster and York parties of medieval England than anything else.
    The surviving Trumpsterians, aka the new peasant/worker class will never be told the truth about the pole shift. That will be reserved for elites, ancient Egypt likewise. Hopefully they will build new pyramids, again oriented towards Sirius A… and the cycle shall be repeated again.
    Nevertheless, this plan is based on the widespread (90%+) ignorance of the population. It means feudalism, or theocracy, which I am not sure ensures progress in future. The great mystery of Earth – the periodical pole shifts – by the very fact of it being kept secret somehow precludes the fully developed civilization. If science is controlled, the fully developed civilization will never appear.

    As for unicorns, they disappeared from modern Bible translations (eg. Job 39), replaced with ‘wild young oxen’, which strongly suggests there are some issues with them, not least that they are not the ones beloved by gods. The subtle hint is preserved though, as an ox is a hybrid too, and one which does not occur naturally, so to say ‘wild ox’ is actually to use a contradictory term: clever, the translators are making a hint again when they replace a mythical animal with a non-existent animal.
    Surprisingly, I even learnt that the myth of unicorn is currently being transferred further by Harry Potter stories: drinking unicorn blue blood makes you immortal in Potter’s world. Now ask why unicorn was relegated from the Bible to the Harry Potter stories… First, by clouding the ambiguous-to-negative view of the Bible on unicorns, we remove the negative view of unicorn, and secondly, by putting it in a fancy fantasy world of Harry Potter, we make unicorn a desirable and magic thing. Now ask why this charade is being made…

  3. I’m so confused because the “Q” following is still convinced that Biden will be thrown out of the office because he was sworn in “illegally and unconstitutionally” and that’s why the military is present at the White House. Because the military will take over once he’s thrown out. I give up trying to figure any of this out. Q keeps saying the storm is coming, well I don’t think it’s coming. Seems like devilcrats, I mean Democrats have gotten exactly what they want. God help us all.

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