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September 21, 2023

10 thoughts on “Is the First of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Here?

  1. There are many literal interpretations, but only one spiritual interpretation. On 9/12/2001 I heard upon waking: “This is the opening of the sixth seal,” referring to 9/11/2001. The two (twin) towers symbolize the two witnesses in Revelation 11, which lie in the street of “the great city,” which literally is “New York City.” It was a great metaphorical earthquake that took place that day. It is the symbolic or spiritual meaning that we must understand in order to prepare ourselves for what is coming. The opening of the seventh seal should already be taking place within us. As for the virus? Yet another sign not seen by this “adulterous generation.”

    1. this is about World theTrade Center, 11.09.2001:
      Rev 11:9 And they of the people and kindreds and tongues and nations shall see their dead bodies three days and an half, and shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves.

      the people and kindreds and tongues and nations = World Trade Center
      three days and an half = no flights to USA: everybody watching the situation
      shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves = the bodies are not in graves. They were dustified.

      1. Julian may have found another piece to the puzzle. Interesting observation on the WTC. Some pieces to this end of days jigsaw puzzle are hidden in plain sight and it is easy to be blind to them when our minds are focused on what we think we know.

      2. Hi Julian. Here’s another interpretation to consider. The two witnesses are given life after 3 1/2 days; after 3500 years (2 Peter 3:8). The two witnesses that appeared 3500 years ago were Moses and Aaron, symbolizing the Spirit and Word of God, symbolized by the “two olive trees” (Zachariah 4:11); the spiritual anointing… the return of the CHRIST power within the individual that stops resisting it.

  2. The first seal has not been opened yet, Israel hadn’t been attacked, their has been no declaration of peace and safety, the bride has not escaped, Jesus has not been rejected by this generation yet.
    You will know when the first seals is opened.

  3. The first seal is the Antichrist on the White Horse going forth to conquer the world for his One World Government. The Corona(Crown) Virus no doubt plays into this with helping to Crown the Man of Sin, who by the way is Barack Hussein Obama. The Red Horse is China who takes peace from the earth to kill and was given a great sword. The Chinese invasion force will strike Babylon America in the very near future. The Black Horse is economic collapse that causes famines and petulance across the globe caused by Chinese warfare. Islam is the Pale or more correct translation Green Horse. The translators of the Bible could not envision a Green Horse so they modified the translation to Pale Horse. Green is Islam’s official color. Islam controls a fourth part of the earth, kills by sword and with hunger and death. Obama the Muslim is the Mahdi of Islam who is also the Antichrist. His mother was a Jew and his father was an Assyrian. God calls the Antichrist, that Assyrian, in the Old Testament. It is going to be a Real Big Show coming to a town near you!!

  4. Sandra, can’t agree with you. The classical biblical interpretation says that Genesis is the book about individuals, whereas the Exodus is the book about nations, mainly Israel of course (but Egypt is important too). Therefore, Moses and Aaron have meaning within Israel mainly. And Aaron is not equal to Moses at all, since he is not a prophet (witness if you will).
    So it would be an interpretation only for Jews, or judeochristians.

  5. I don’t usually make predictions, but when I do, I usually hope I am wrong! LOL. My prediction is that Joe Biden will not be sworn in as President on Jan 20 2021. This week will bring great changes that will shock the nations. President Carter was the 1st elected ( Ford was never elected) King of modern Babylon when abortion (child sacrifice, Moloch worship) became the law of the land and America became Babylon. This will be the week that Joe Biden is incapacitated or dies and the man of sin will step in to take his place. This is the time that the Antichrist will be revealed to many and will mount the White Horse. President Trump, the 7th King of Latter Day Babylon has been cut short (Rev. 17:10) and the 6th and 8th King of modern Babylon that was and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. The White Horse will ride, wear down the saints and go forth conquering. May or June of this year 2021, the fallen angel Apollyon will be summoned from the Bottomless Pit to inhabit the 6th-8th King of Babylon and the soul of the man (Obama) will go into perdition (Hell). The Tribulation period starts at this time when CERN fires up the LHC to open the PIT to release Apollyon from his dimensional prison to become Obama Incarnated. CERN has stated it will have a run time of 3 1/2 years (a coincidence? unlikely). CERN means the Horned One or Satan. CERN is the Key to the Bottomless Pit that is given to Satan.

  6. Getting close to the end of the rope. Will Trump pull off the most daring raid in known history and have the US Marines do a massive air raid and arrest on the 2021 Inauguration with all the live past Presidents (except Jimmy Carter) Senators, Congress, Governors, FBI, CIA and world dignitaries in attendance? A Grand Finale? A Grand Slam? A Royal Flush? The Magical Rabbit out of the Hat? The 20,000 or so National Guard would be wise to take a knee to the combat hardened Marines if that were to go down. In 96 hours we will know!

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