June 24, 2024

There was a very interesting post on Reddit.com recently, and it showed what the electoral college results would have been if only certain groups of people had voted. (I assume this is based on the voting information spread by the major news networks, a.k.a. a fraudulent pack of statistics crediting the Biden/Harris ticket with millions of stolen votes. None the less….) Some very interesting results emerge. (Please forgive my low-resolution shots – Reddit has all the maps as one continuous image….) For example, if only SINGLE people had voted, only Kentucky remains red for Trump. Married voters are very different:

There are also very interesting differences between an election map based on mail in voting early (those mail in ballots sure favored Biden), vs. the overwhelming Trump landslide from voting in person on election day – notice that map doesn’t have a single blue state:

In my opinion, the maps above have already been fraudulently blueshifted. I suspect all the maps above would be more red if only legitimate votes were counted…. Soon enough, in January, someone will be sworn into office. Roughly half the nation feels Biden legitimately won, and roughly half feels the democrats rigged the 2020 election with more fraud than any other election ever. The opinions on this are largely based on feelings and what we want to be reality, divided largely on party lines. Personally I think the evidence will show that Trump won the election, by a huge margin, and that many criminals guilty of election fraud and other crimes should go to jail…. But until all the facts are presented and someone is inaugurated in 2021 my opinion means very little.

But in my opinion, there are big “end game” reasons why the globalists have been so utterly desperate to steal the 2020 election. Something is coming on a timetable they can not delay and they want to be in control and in place when it happens. Feel free to read my recent books if you have no idea what they feel the need to prepare for.

Meanwhile, feel free to look at some very interesting voting breakdowns based on gender, race, income levels, marital status, and other factors HERE

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