December 3, 2023

3 thoughts on ““You can’t sit back and let democracy run itself.”

  1. Sadly I believe that God has judged America because they have not humbled themselves, nor repented. America is now going to get the president that it deserves. Biden and his cronies have stolen the election and they wil take Trump out of the way if it appears that he will get back in.

    1. Constitutionally, if Trump doesn’t concede and there are lawsuits and investigations with evidence of fraud and the election is disputed, the decision will go to the states, with each state getting one vote. 37 states have legislatures that are majority Republican. Biden’s fraudulent win will not be certified, Trump will remain in office, and the left will riot like emotional lunatics. Hardly anyone, right or left, is willing to look at facts and reconsider their opinions on anything. The nation is dangerously polarized.

  2. According to the classical classification, the current system of ‘representative democracy’ is oligarchy.
    Only the direct democracy is a real democracy. However, in the Athenian democracy the basic procedure for deciding personal questions was by lot.
    Where do you find deciding by lot nowadays?
    Nowhere. Not even in so called ‘the direct democracy’ of Switzerland.
    So even if the Swiss can sometimes vote directly on laws, unlike in Athens, there is no equal access to offices there.

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