June 24, 2024
“Hope and Change” didn’t fix it maybe “Build Back More Marxist” will.

Allen Dulles, the longest-serving director of the CIA – practically ran the United States along with his brother John Foster Dulles – who was Secretary of State during most of the same years. Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev once said of the elder brother that “It certainly appeared that [President] Eisenhower was letting Dulles do his thinking for him.” And Allen Dulles, on the eve of his attempt to run for Congress, made some comments that seem very pertinent today regarding democracy, and what the elite in Washington D.C. think about it. Three generations ago, the following statements came from Allen Dulles, but they make me think of the Democrats that seem to be committing massive election fraud in 2020:

“Democracy only works if the so-called intelligent people make it work…. You can’t sit back and let democracy run itself.”

And that, my friends, is just one part of the problem in Washington today. When politicians and activists believe we the people are far too stupid to make correct decisions for ourselves, then they feel morally certain they need to make the right decisions for us. If they think too damn many of us favor Trump because we are ignorant, then “Orange man bad” will be imposed on the official tally of our collective decision making for us, if we are too stupid to do it ourselves. And that arrogance, though misguided, is at least truly believed in the core of their being, nestled amongst all their good intentions for ruling over us whether we like it or not.

Far worse are those who share the same political goals without the good intentions and without the belief that they are doing something in our collective best interests. Many of those in power simply have a level of greed and lust that no amount of depravity and corruption can ever satisfy. Trump has made things difficult for the many politicians who lie, cheat, and steal a staggering amount of money and power from those who are rightfully entitled to it. This is the main reason so many career politicians want him out – he is a roadblock in their normally unobstructed life of professional crime. I hope the truth comes out over the next weeks and months – and convincingly enough that half of America does not feel cheated and angry about their side losing the election.

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