November 29, 2023

6 thoughts on “Voting fraud

  1. Hi David–Totally expected and required to bring the 6th and 8th King of Babylon back to power. Revelation 17 is the key to understanding who modern day Babylon is. President Trump is the 7th King at this time but Revelation 17:10 proclaims the 7th King is cut short and will continue for a short space before replaced by the 6th and 8th King Barack Obama. Biden will be eliminated before Jan 20th and Obama will take his place as the final King of Babylon America. In the near future the angel from the Bottomless Pit (Apollyon) will inhabit Obamas body as his human soul goes into perdition.

    1. I wrote a book suggesting Obama was the likely candidate for the role of Antichrist – but even from my perspective, it seems unlikely that Obama would take over instead of Harris – something would have to happen to both of them, and maybe Pelosi and others, for him to be able to impose himself on America again. But here’s a link to the clues/evidence in favor of that, as I saw it back in 2014 –

  2. When Biden is eliminated before the inauguration, his VP pick Harris will not be considered. It is the One they want, just as in the books you have written. Besides the Bible is clear that the final ruler of latter day Babylon is not a woman. Harris has no following–none. Obama is who Pelosi brought to rule America the 1st time and she will announce Obama’s “Second Coming” in the near future. He is their God. The 22nd Amendment? Means nothing to this lawless generation. Who’s going to stop it? Barr? Repubs? Fat chance! Even voters who hated Biden/Harris would welcome back Obama over them, he is a known quantity and loved world wide by the left.. Like you, I have studied Obama from the beginning and I knew then and now that he is the man of perdition. CERN will play a major role in May/June 2021 when the angel Apollyon will be summoned from the Bottomless Pit and become One with Obama. Can I prove it? Time will tell!

  3. Everyone knew the only way for Clinton and now Biden to win was through election fraud, did the Republicans put in place systems to eliminate or mitigate the fraud. Foolish them if they didn’t.

  4. [Off topic]

    Having recently reviewed Kepler’s laws concerning the orbits of 2 bodies in space,
    I am revising my estimates for the distance of the Sun’s dual – Sol B.

    Assuming Sol A & Sol B are both one solar mass, and have an orbital period of 24,000 years, Kepler’s laws give 1,048AU as the average distance between each body and their barycentre. See (they don’t provide a calculation themselves, because that would contradict the official line that the nearest star is over 4LY away).

    The Vesica Piscis informs us that Sol A & B are in a symmetric barycentric orbit with an elliptical eccentricity of 0.5.

    The maximum separation is thus 2a(1+e)*, and minimum 2a(1-e), i.e. factors of 3 and 1.

    This means that the furthest Sol B is away from Sol A is 3,144AU (at apoapsis/aphelion), and the closest is 1,048AU (at periapsis/perihelion).

    So my estimates are now that the Sun’s dual is currently around 3,000AU away and in 12,000 years’ time, it’ll be just over 1,000AU away.


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