October 4, 2023

3 thoughts on “Submission: France Capitulates to Islam – as described by Paul Joseph Watson

    1. 200,000 years is a platitudinal diversion.

      The cycle is every 12,000 years (half a great year), i.e. due around about now.

      The Bible specifies that everyone should be made to wear a mask (or some other mark or indication that they are obedient, compliant, and servile) just prior to pole flip.

      “Several such excursions have been found, in what appears to be around a 12,000 year pattern.”

      – Gothenburg Event 10,000-13,000 years ago
      – Mono Lake / Lake Mungo 23,000-36,000 years ago
      – Laschamp Event 41,000-43,000 years ago
      – Vostok Core Event 60,000 years ago
      – Quaternary Mass Extinction Toba 72,000-74,000 years ago.
      – Blake Excursion 115,000 years ago.

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