May 18, 2024

All alliteration aside, there is plenty of evidence of a catastrophic pole shift that decimated civilization roughly twelve thousand years ago. Mark Carlotto continues to measure the orientation of ancient sites around the world and notes that most of the sites that are not oriented to our cardinal directions were originally oriented to them as they were prior to the last pole shift. As he says in a recent article:

“Aerial imagery over Mohenjo-daro clearly shows the site is not aligned to the cardinal directions. Wanzke (1984) made detailed measurements of the site that he was unable to explain. The figure above shows the stupa, bath, grainary and other structures atop the acropolis are aligned in solstice directions relative to the Hudson Bay pole. Similar alignments can be found throughout the ancient city. What is particularly interesting is that these alignments are identical to those found at Merv and Gonur Tepe in Central Asia (Carlotto 2020). We thus hypothesize that based on its alignment, Mohenjo-daro like these other places were first established at least 18,000 years ago when the North Pole was in Hudson Bay.”

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