May 28, 2023

3 thoughts on “2021: Barack Obama is President Again

  1. I read your book and continue to read your website. I didn’t doubt even after the dates were wrong for reasons of my own, primarily because if you do a spiritual practice or remote viewing and begin seeing the future you realize very quickly it’s difficult to pinpoint the time when looking from outside of it. Nostradamus, the Bible, the end of i pet goat ii all use astrology as a general indicator as you’ve covered as well, but again it’s general, like the Mayan calendar. It’s more of an indicator of a start time of a cycle. I do think obama returning is very likely. Whether before or after wwiii or other disasters remains to be seen. Ed Dames saw a war in the Middle East before the killshot CME. A large earthquake, tsunami, EMP, more protests and riots or even another economy destroying lockdown could all be very possible in the short term.

    In the Obama sequence of ipgii he’s laughing then the apple drops beside the coin under his shoe, then he frowns and sweats. Big changes are indicated in that video. Trump still has bounty on his head from Iran as well. It’s tough to predict how this will play out but undoubtedly obama is still a key player.

  2. 2023 may be the real 2012.
    It still could be in accord with the famous 2012 date of Mayan calendar, since Earth revolutions are slowing, and the actual astronomical year has 365,25 days, plus some seconds every year due to slowing; all that is reflected in additional day in our calandar, 29 Februar, every fourth year.

    Let’s see:
    13 860 BCE- the time when the benchmark stellar constellations of Sagittarius and Scorpius were on the sky in the place accorded to them by the myth, Sagittarius pointing directly at Antares, in other words, the time when the myth was “alive”. .
    13 860 BCE + 2019 CE = 15 879 years up to now
    15 879/4 = 3970 additional days
    3970/365 = 10, 88 standard years of 365 days
    2012 + 11 = 2023. Therefore, our 2023 is the real “2012” of Mayan calendar.

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