November 29, 2023

2 thoughts on “Ask Yourself: Were the George Floyd Murder and the Riots Spontaneous, or Paid For By…

  1. Another way of looking at all the staged events is to think about how you would go about performing the apocalypse, i.e. deliberately revealing to the world’s population, that The Earth is about to flip, and that an ecological trauma will arise to compete with Hell in terms of inhospitability.

    You can’t reveal it to the normalcy biased masses of lesser intelligence, because they cannot countenance/conceive/comprehend it. This is currently demonstrated by their eagerness to believe wholeheartedly in the Covid19 pandemic, and the rightness of world governments’ imposition of lockdown upon their populations (despite being the antithesis of libertarianism). So, this rules out a direct news item along the lines of “Sorry folks, but this is it. You’ve only a year or so left to go. Thanks for all your hard work over the last century or so that we’ve covertly extracted from you for CoTAC preparations. Riot, party, or read a book – it’s up to you.”

    So, given that, another option is to continually stage disturbing events that the masses will easily accept prima facie, but the perspicacious few of higher intelligence will find to be suspicious, if not insultingly ineptly performed. These are the only folk who can be reached in any case. One can then rely upon their investigative inclinations to take them down the rabbit hole, until a goodly number of them deduce that the immanence of the eschaton is the only thing that can holistically provide an ulterior motive to such machinations.

    So, the masses are mesmerised (deceived, distracted, & defused) by chaos, and the astute are alerted by apocalypse (eugenically biased toward survival).

    Higher echelons, politicians, military, etc. have their respective deceptions, and the astute among them will have been addressed long before now.

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