November 29, 2023

10 thoughts on “Magnetic Pole Shift in Progress: More Evidence

      1. Can we do better than ‘about’?

        Is anyone observing the starfield for evidence of axial instability?

        As we know, most of the big observatories have been closed, but there may be some amateurs who know what it is they should be looking for.

  1. Mainstream coverage indicating the external magnetic field is increasingly repressing the Earth’s innate field:

    They don’t reveal why satellites are experiencing ‘technical difficulties’. Perhaps they want us to infer that a reducing magnetic field means greater radiation impacts them given less deflection? I wonder if they’re experiencing ‘technical difficulties’ in maintaining geostationary orbit, given axial instability?

    “However, one thing is certain: magnetic field observations from Swarm are providing exciting new insights into the scarcely understood processes of Earth’s interior.”

    ‘Exciting’ is the word you’d use if you wanted to avoid ‘disturbing’ or ‘terrifying’. And why did they put ‘The Swarm’ up there in the first place, eh?

    I guess we are similarly comforted by their suggestion that this phenomenon happens every 250 millennia (rather than every 12), and takes a couple of centuries (rather than a couple of days – or 24hr periods, given the Sun is all over the place). At least we agree that we are due for the next one.

    Elsewhere, a chappie at The Mises Institute can’t understand why TPTB would deliberately diminish global industry ( ), although given he ends with “What keeps me up at night is that we have not yet seen the end game, and that when we do it may be worse than what anyone can imagine.”, this probably indicates he has a clue…

    1. Well,it shows that magnets under South Atlantic Anomaly are somehow easier influenced by the external field than the rest of mantle….

      1. JtA, bear in mind that nearly all researchers are blind to the possibility of an external magnetic field, and an explanation as to why an external magnetic field would appear to manifest out of nothing.

        They are thus struggling to deduce why and how The Earth could transform its own magnetism and magnetosphere.

        The Swarm satellites were put up there to measure/monitor the increasing external magnetic field, as this would then provide a little warning of the coming flip.

  2. ‘The Swarm satellites were put up there to measure/monitor the increasing external magnetic field, as this would then provide a little warning of the coming flip.’

    Judging from this statement, ZOD, you seems to believe that SWARM creators do know about the external field?
    The satellites are supposed to measure different components of the geomagnetic field, but that it is a composite field is in itself to be proved.

    Anyway, the SWARM trio is already past their design age, so there is some (unexpected?) delay….

    1. JtA, I used ‘Swarm’ only to use the same term as used by the news article, to refer to WHATEVER magnetospheric monitoring systems NASA has in operation in space, i.e. from “magnetic field observations from Swarm are providing exciting new insights”. I wouldn’t overly focus upon any particular NASA mission or technology.

      NASA will be taking pains, via various means, to measure and monitor the external magnetic field, which becomes easier, the further you are away from Earth.

      Naturally, NASA cannot reveal that this is what they are truly focussed upon, because to avoid concern, textbook science accepts: 1) There is no external magnetic field of any significance (apart from the Sun’s), 2) Even if there was, there is nothing that could cause it to oscillate at 1 cycle per 24 millennia, 3) Geomagnetic changes are wholly internal in origin, and have a cycle of 250 millennia, and 4) When geomagnetic polarity inversions occur they do so over a period of centuries.

      1. Both Never A Straight Answer and their masters at the Never Say Anything have been looking up and outwards just as much if not more than downwards with their satellites. They know what to focus their attention on out there; signs of what causes problems down below.

  3. The researches are, however, aware of the heliomagnetism and thus Sun’s magnetic field…

    But I believe there is an external (not heliocentric) field too. Jupiter losing its Red Spot etc
    Well we are losing regularity of our jetstreams, which wreaks havoc on weather.

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