November 29, 2023

14 thoughts on “Why is China Thwarting Research on Coronavirus Origins?

  1. China copycat science does not seem to be capable of creating such a masterpiece as the Covid-19 chimera.
    But if China is a victim of an attack, China will hide as long as it cannot to strike back.
    They are ‘keeping face’.

    That ist, however, a side problem. The chimera should disintegrate by now, but it seems that it acquired a life of her own.

  2. Obviously, Covid19 is a psyop and their is no significant change in the normal incidence of disease – except in terms of heavy bias toward misdiagnosis.

    However, there is also a need to have a pretext for the WW3 psyop, and this is what you are seeing being developed.

    And then, at some point, we will no doubt see someone use those ‘nuclear’ submarines with ‘nuclear’ warhead torpedoes that can trigger tsunamis upon coastal cities…

      1. ‘Nuclear’ bombs detonated underwater*, away from the coast, to generate tsunami will have no underwater witnesses (and there will be no above-surface mushroom cloud). Coastal cities will simply observe themselves smashed with a tsunami, say 30-90m high. The mainstream media will inform everyone that it was caused by an underwater nuke – and the masses will believe it (given the WW3 psyop is by then already well underway).

        The period for such minor tsunami is relatively small. The 100-600m ones will follow within a few hours as the Dzhanibekov gyrations increase, but by then, all hell will have broken loose, and there will be no mainstream media…


      2. Can’t frighten the horses, no. The Earth has remained stable for millions of years, and geomagnetic pole reversal upsets only compasses and migratory birds. For the 490 millennia prior to our discovery of agriculture 10 millennia ago, we just inhabited mud huts, gathered nuts & berries, and painted crude images of bison on cave walls. The great pyramid, built 5 millennia ago was an early example of crude, brick built structures. With ever increasing ingenuity we’ve since realised that small bricks are a lot more economic and easier to handle. Having been to The Moon umpteen times, we’ll soon be building hotels on Mars.

      3. David, just in case of any confusion, I was reacting to your astute point about the video producers undermining their exposition by trying to reassure their viewers that The Earth is a special case (as if God had decreed its absolute stability).

        So I just carried it on by re-iterating similar persuasion and deception that goes on today to reassure the masses that The Earth is totally reliable, and there’s no need to worry about anything untoward happening in the future.

        Contradicting my ‘sarcasm’:
        a) Geological strata and ice cores reveal The Earth suffers trauma every dozen millennia.
        b) Anthropological evidence indicates civilisation only seemed to develop upon the Younger Dryas event (a dozen millennia ago) – all prior traces largely erased. Gobekli Tepe, being one of the oldest (admitted) traces, is dated to around a dozen millennia ago.
        c) The Great Pyramid is an antediluvian structure, built by a prior technologically advanced civilisation – probably as a message to a future one to prepare for the Dzhanibekov flip that comes with little warning.
        d) The Apollo missions were one of many peculations used to fund TPTB’s secret preparations for the coming flip.
        e) If mankind’s technological advancement is preserved (this time), hotels may well end up being built on Mars (before the next flip).

        What the producers of the video probably didn’t know is that the solar system is in a 24,000 year orbit about another star, and as a consequence passes between two oppositely polarised magnetic fields, which easily persuade The Earth to perform a Dzhanibekov flip every dozen millennia, which largely erases the surface of the Earth, causes crustal shift, and results in the Sun rising on the opposite horizon.

        A global pandemic might be one of the first deceptions used to repress the masses (and explain global financial/industrial collapse – actually due to peculation) as Earth’s destabilisation begins to manifest, with WW3 and/or alien invasion used subsequently.

        1. Yes, I completely agree – Deceptions accelerating right up to the end, as the elite steal from the public treasury to fund their survival plans and attempt to hide the coming event and the peculation from the public eye.

    1. Coming with the Ockham razor again, this time asking why would people be attacked with nukes-induced tsunami if they were to disappear under the real one rather soon…

      What difference does it make, the origin of tsunami that kills you?

      1. I suspect Zod’s suggestion is that the tsunami will be from oscillations in the Earth’s own deteriorating wobble just prior to the pole shift, but that it may officially be blamed on enemy nukes during the brief period between the first signs of pole shift and the civilization-ending flip. See his previous comment on the Dzhanibekov effect, and his link, and my link….

      2. Another possibility is needing an explanation (to higher ups) as to why coastal cities are poor locations in WW3, i.e. to be able to say “Well general, there is a tsunami risk due to these new Russian subs, so…” as opposed to “…tsunami risk due to the coming pole-flip, “

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