February 26, 2024


Sweden is my favorite example of the failure of European leftism, globalism, and multiculturalism.  Not that Germany, France, or many other western European nations are doing much better – about a dozen nations in the region are ruled by traitors hell-bent on policies geared for collective national suicide – but Sweden has led the way in sheer denial.  One recent report shows there is at least a glimmer of recognition in the top levels of their criminal bureaucracy.

Authored by Judith Bergman via The Gatestone Institute,

“A recent report published by Linköping University about the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå), “Can Brå be trusted?” has claimed that Brå’s reports are politically biased.

No shit!  Really!  Somebody finally realized that the huge spikes in rapes, arson, bombings, and other violent crimes happened as the influx of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa entered the country!


But no one in Sweden is allowed to suggest the trends are related – that the non-ethnic Swedish migrants don’t share or accept Swedish or European culture and values.  No one in Sweden is permitted to point out that the true contributions of diversity and multiculturalism are massive drains on the welfare state and a huge rise in violent crime – helping to make Stockholm known as “The Rape Capital of the World” in recent years?

The Stockholm School of Economics did an article on this very topic a year ago, and while the acronym of their source does not officially stand for the Biased Research Association, keep the source (Brå) in mind as even they admit: “The board openly acknowledges that because NTU results do not include any information on ethnicity, it can only offer “tentative analyzes that cannot give easy answers.”

….The roughly 163,000 people who came to Sweden in 2015 corresponds to 1.6 percent of the national population. Brå writes that “it is not unreasonable to think that the over-risk of crime would be higher for the asylum seekers who came in 2015, because many of them were men, and many were unaccompanied boys.”  [But]….To place the blame for the entirety of the increases seen in the rape statistics between 2015 and 2016, one would have to assume that asylum seekers are 83 times more likely to commit crimes than others. “Such a high over-risk does not seem likely,” the report concludes.”

“According to the Linköping University report, the results of which were based primarily on interviews with former and current employees and managers of Brå, in addition to a number of former police chiefs and ministers of justice, Brå’s work is politically biased due to political pressure from the Ministry of Justice as well as the management of Brå. The report states:

“For example, a former employee said that he, together with the Director-General [of Brå] was called to the Ministry of Justice for a conversation with the requirement of a report to be ‘corrected’. ….Other former employees have pointed out that it was clear that there were political reasons why they were pressured to change content in reports ….One employee reported, among other things, that a director-general expressed that ‘there is a reality and a political reality’ when the director-general demanded that an employee change a report…”

This traitorous trend can not lead to a functional society.  It will collapse the welfare states of Europe and eventually lead to civil war and the Islamization of Europe.  The only question is, will native Europeans give up their nations quietly and willingly like the proverbial slowly boiled frog, or will they ever stand up for themselves?

Maybe Sweden doesn’t have to go back to this or this:

Not that there’s much chance of that under the ethnically Gambian Swedish Minister of Culture Alice Bah-Kuhnke

Alice Bah Kuhnke Kulturminister Demokratiminister Kulturdepartem

But must it become this instead:

If native/ethnic Europeans ever do fight to prevent Europe from becoming like Syria, will it be early enough that they can clean up their own problems – or will it require a third world war in Europe, exactly as Nostradamus prophecies describe? (Which is due to END around late 2028, if the French prophet was correct.)  I don’t know why Europe-hating globalists have been brought to power throughout Western Europe, but it will be their undoing if allowed to continue much longer.

I bet they will complacently ignore the fact that their own governments admit:

“there is a reality and a political reality.”

One view can save Europe from its traitorous leaders.  The other works for its destruction.  How long can a government work for a false version of reality before everything falls apart?


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