February 26, 2024

Joe Biden may be a classic case of senile dementia, but that didn’t stop the mainstream media elite from showing him winning Illinois’ democratic party primary by 93,000 votes – with 100% of the votes tallied – the day before the vote:



I was told in February Biden would pick Hillary Clinton as his running mate, and if “elected” (like in Illinois?) then his Vice President will quickly step in to the presidency.


Really, America?  Why not just elect Jeff Dunham’s “Achmed the dead terrorist” puppet instead?  Because Biden would have Killary’s hand so far up his you know what to control him that she might as well just go on TV with a literal ventriloquist dummy sitting on her knee during interviews.  And if the American voter falls for that – then who’s the real dummy?

This is all I expected to post a week or two ago… But after waiting to see if the DNC really stuck with their bad choice, I see they are not.  For example: this article in the NY Post suggesting that they bench Biden and pick another candidate.  It concludes with a sad description of Biden’s recent videos made while self-quarantining at home:

“Looking isolated and lapsing into occasional gibberish, he seemed ­every bit the mentally challenged 77-year-old he was on the worst days of the campaign. Although he did better on a CNN virtual town hall Friday, his tics, such as having a three-point answer to every question, do not inspire confidence that he is capable of being president for four years.

So what can Dems do?

Find another nominee. But first, they must bench Biden, or persuade him to bench himself.”

Which loser can the Democrats rally behind?  The governor who opted not to buy respirators for his state years ago?  Killary?  Or the inexperienced communist?  Maybe they are trying to lose.



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