June 20, 2024

I’m not saying I called this, but the timing gets my attention, because I did conclude Bible prophecy pointed to end times events during December 2019.  Is the coronavirus an end times plague?  Could it kill off a significant percentage of humanity?  I say it’s too early to tell.  But as for the timing – no matter what site you look at, “COVID-19 appeared in Wuhan, a city in China, in December 2019.”

A lot of us are paying more attention to the Book of Revelation recently.  And the Georgia Guidestones:


So besides potential depopulation through a biological weapon/plague – what else can we look forward to in the near future?  Because many people are suggesting that the response and the hype surrounding coronavirus just might be allowing another agenda to play out, that it is a cover to distract us from a looming event like WWIII or a pole shift or a planned financial collapse or the installation of a global government – or even an ELE through the impact of a large asteroid.  Militaries are on the move.  Rights are being curtailed.  Multi-TRILLION dollar spending bills are being passed.  I wonder what is being prepared for, beyond the surface story…

Please comment if you’ve heard a credible idea or rumor.

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