November 29, 2023

38 thoughts on “When Did Coronavirus Start? December 2019? When did I predict End Times Events? I’m not saying I called this, but…

  1. The guidestones are a message to survivors of the coming poleshift (as well as serving as a Rosetta stone). However, they’re not exactly megalithic enough to withstand 600m tsunami and 1,000mph winds, so their only hope is to be in a place that will remain relatively sheltered. It’s possible their builder had some insight in this respect…

    Given poleshift will wipe out 99% of surface dwellers, it would be strange to risk rousing these walking-dead with a pre-emptive cull, especially given the efforts already expended to enrich their gene pool via mass immigration.

    I suggest that all talk of population reduction is a cover for preparations for this. There are those in power who must still remain in the dark as to poleshift, and must be deluded into thinking the NWO is a topside deliberately depopulated, but otherwise unscathed by ‘climate change’.

    Distraction and repression. That’s all we have at the moment. The collapse of global finance probably indicates that the breakaway civilisation beneath has just cut the ‘umbilical’, and the topsiders are now enjoying all the coloured beads they were deluded into believing constituted stored labour, and at least know that it was all the fault of a deadly virus…

    Which will be developed into WW3 (a phony war).

    It seems some folk have already sensed that some kind of collapse is underway:

    1. I hope if WWIII comes it is short-lived and a “phony” war. You know I expect a catastrophic pole shift. And Michael Snyder’s web sites like endoftheamericandream and SHTFplan are must-reads.

      1. ZOD, do you think that the sudden grounding of almost all planes could be a response to the rapidly changing geomagnetic field…? The navigation model of geomagnetism was suddenly updated just a year ago. Also SWARM satellites do not publish any news more….
        Also recently the big earthquake in Zagreb in Croatia was non-event for many media in Europe.

        That would mean they expect something in a year or two…. The world will go on by its inertia and hope for some time, but not much longer…

        Still not sure whether the BAU option wouldn’t be a safer one, even for conspirators… At the end, the number of places in caves, bunkers and submarines is minuscule.

      2. JtA, because the solar system is part of a binary system and in the course of its 24,000 year orbit oscillates above and below the galactic plane, passing between oppositely polarised magnetic fields as a consequence, it has periods of stability for half this duration, interspersed by a 180° axial flip (and consequent crustal slippage, of up to 20° or so).

        Just before the flip, the opposition of the external magnetic field to that of The Earth’s gives the appearance to us of The Earth’s field reducing and being deflected at an accelerating rate. At a certain point, as the Earth’s negative stability increases, even the slightest axial perturbation will be magnified into a slight instability, which is further magnified into a significant one, and then the flip happens (Earth reels to & fro like a drunkard, the stars move like a scroll when it is rolled up).

        Before instability becomes noticeable to those outside NASA, anything reliant on The Earth’s axial stability and its magnetic field, will be shut down. This includes observatories, airlines, satellite TV stations, etc. No doubt WW3 will provide a good pretext for this.

        The weather is likely to be affected by magnetospheric disturbance.

        Seismicity, volcanism, etc. are also likely to be affected due to antagonism of the external magnetic field and resultant torque forces on the planet, but will be insignificant compared to the forces generated by the sudden flip. The flip would probably take around 24-48 hours from first observation of instability to resumption of axial stability, but lethal effects may well kick in an hour or so after FO, e.g. tsunami, etc.

        Either Covid is a dummy run (and intended to flush out anyone thinking it’s the big one), and we’ll have a year or so of grace, or this is it, and the beginning of a steady disintegration and clampdown. If WW3 is declared, it’s probably the point of no return.

    2. Why bother at all with all that staging, if pole shift is imminent? (evacuation to Cheyenne mountain has started)
      Or, in other words, why more disasters than needed?

      If pole shift is not imminent, the ‘why’ question is even more pressing.

      1. JtA, remember that it’s not just the plebs being deceived, but several layers of power structures (with their own deceptions). These power structures are potentially dangerous if they realise they too are deceived. They must be occupied (distracted). Covid is the start of it, but people are beginning to notice that hospitals are empty (as well as their allegedly overflowing triage tents). A secondary distraction will be introduced before long, e.g. WW3.

        I suspect some of the first (non weather related) precursors will be satellite TV signals becoming intermittently lost/poor (Earth wobble). Things will then accelerate, until there’s no longer time to head for the hills (let alone continuity of govt. bunkers).

    3. ZOD, Why would Earth increase/decrease wobbling?
      It would suggest some inflow/outflow of energy.

    4. But ZOD, why this great mystifcation, if survivors will necessarily know about the flip, and the rest will die anyway…?
      The sheeple will easily take any ‘reasonable’ explanation of magnetic problems…look at the entire climategate etc.

      1. ZOD may give a different answer, but I have a few thoughts: 1 – Those in power can’t let everyone know ahead of time, for such knowledge would end our society and economy as we know it. They want to prepare for a remnant to survive with knowledge and supplies, not have angry hoards ruining their secret preparations in the attempt to be included and survive. 2 – in ancient times, such knowledge was kept secret. High Priests would maintain the knowledge and pass it to initiates but it wasn’t meant for everyone – for many good reasons.

      2. JtA, the great mission is to escape Samsara, to breach Fermi’s Great Filter, to avoid being sent back to the stone age for the umpteenth time. This means creating a variety of redundantly duplicated underground shelters around the world that have an operational, technologically advanced manufacturing facility, staffed by people bred to maintain them. This was effectively signalled as the strategy to adopt by HG Wells in The Time Machine, i.e. troglodytic Morlocks underside, and a few meek Eloi (survivors) inheriting the topside.

        This Morlockian strategy is very expensive, and thus a wide variety of methods have been used to extract the necessary labour from the unwitting topsiders.

        As David points out, if the masses ever knew what lies ahead, and this became common knowledge/understanding, and passed down through the generations in overt form, then as the eschaton approached, people would be wise to any attempt to harness them or otherwise tax them to fund a mission that they would not benefit from. There may well be many altruists/philanthropists who would accept a large tithe for this purpose, but this would be a tiny fraction of the numbers necessary.

        Given we now have a fait accompli, with everything ready in place, as the pole shift approaches, the topside ponziconomy can be allowed to collapse, coincidentally providing a useful distraction.

        Even so, there are still plenty of hints provided to the perspicacious, a few of whom will have biased their odds of survival to become Eloi. At the moment, pole shift is just crazy, so there’s little concern that the masses could be tipped off. However, when the Earth sways to & fro like a drunkard, and the masses finally become receptive to such a concept as pole shift, it will be too late.

        The only thing that is now left to occupy us is timing. This means keeping an eye out for natural precursors, and observing the world stage for the various distractions in play (Covid19, market collapse, WW3, Internet shutdown, etc.).

  2.             2 Massive Solar Flares, Mega – flares, and CME ‘s included, that will hit Earth! Down Goes the Grid, and this could happen any Day! I would say not Far off, but the Impact would be far Greater, than even compared to our existing Lock downs, or Lockouts or Shut Downs in this Corona-virus Equation, or Paradigm, and Globally so! Everything will just stop in a Massive CME – Mega Solar Flare Event! Everything, and not to be restarted, for many years, if at all! Especially if this Happens, unlike The Corona-virus! So David, as I see it – this Corona-virus is just Gods Warning to his People, and thus a Shot across the bow, warning for what is really to come! The Main Event, so to speak! CME ‘s and Massive Mega Solar Flares, first, and then the Pole shift following! Time to organise therefore, Whilst we still can, and really not kidding David!  All the Best Matty Bath!

  3. I pet goat ii message reflected in programmed boy’s eyes “markets plunge…war” also timeline writing on the wall behind “lily”: Christmas, Brexit, Easter. Trump quote “Easter would just be a beautiful time to end it”

  4. Regarding the colored beads the First Nations never believed they owned land. It was a contract to not use the land anymore with a gift they accepted, not a sales exchange. Is the racist denigration of the simpler and less arrogant ways of the First Nations ever going to stop?

    1. Coloured beads, counters, casino chips, dollar bills, bitcoins, notches on sticks, etc.

      Ultimately, these things are symbols, not the things they symbolise.

      When the labour has already been expended (building undeground cities), the US is a quadrillion dollars in debt, and the computers simulating/faking a well behaved market are now disconnected, then the symbols of wealth disintegrate, and become no more than the material in which the symbol is embodied, i.e. shells, paper, leaves, plastic tiles, sticks, electrons, etc.

      If anything, those who live closest to nature (the meek) are in a far better position to survive the poleshift (to inherit The Earth) than those CEOs who’ve just sold their shares for a ton of coloured beads to amuse themselves with in their luxury Hobbit holes in NZ.

  5. David have you looked at QAnon? I have been looking at their findings and studying it like it’s my job. I’m fascinated by it..the website is What do you think about all this pedophile ring talk? Did Epstein kill himself? Does Weinstein have the virus? Is Tom Hanks really a child rapist? Are Obama and Hillary Clinton really satanic? Is pizza gate real? I watched a mind blowing YouTube video yesterday and it really shook me. A former government worker saying that he has seen the “yellow cube” Clinton thought for sure she was going to win the election because this futuristic cube told her she was going to. Area 51 is full of space ships and the elite/Illuminati can go to space whenever they want. That there is extraterrestrial life on the moon and Mars and anyone with a decent telescope can see it. The people that are being “whistle blowers” are fascinating. There is something going on. Something bizarre. Why did all these CEO’s resign? Why did Bill Gates resign? Why did he do a TED talk in 2015 saying that his vaccines will get the job done of depopulation and cause sterility, etc. Why did he make up some sickening equation saying that we need to decrease the size of our human race. What the actual F is going on?!

  6. Strategic deception is an accurate description of all these things going on. It’s very possible the “greys” are just GMO chimeras used by the government for research and surveillance, used for checking if the preventive measures to decrease fertility were working etc. Since dairy cattle are such a primary food source, mutilations of those animals to covertly discover the results of the additives seems obvious to those not looking for a sensational story. There’s a club with many branches and they have playbooks, the Bible being one of them. The Mark of the Beast as ID2020 seems close at hand, pardon the unfortunate pun. The Antichrist rulership during the Tribulation also seems prepped. Trump is an actor and a very doubtful double agent. Q seems to be a mocking PR troll. What’s really going to happen and when is still anybody’s guess, outside of the clubs, but Easter has been pointed out and is close, so time will continue to tell. Sovereign Sky blockchain is the only other disturbing thing I’ve heard in the works, in association with Space X of course. It seems we live in interesting times.

  7. Trailer of the excellent Polish movie ‘Faraon’, with a snaphsoot of eclipse, based on the novel of Boleslaw Prus under the same title.
    The young pharaoh leads country to a war in order to break the stronghold of Amon priests over the country; but he will be taken down himself by the alliance of Phoenician gold and astronomical knowledge of Egyptian priests.

    I suppose the plot is universal. Who is a young pharaoh now, where are priests, and who has gold now…?

  8. Well, ZOD; if we don’t have a RSVP letter inviting us to a bunker or into a titan submarine, should we survive, our fate won’t be much better than Morlocks when those in bunkers or in submarines emerge up unto surface again…

    The secrecy is deadly, no one says anything about secret compounds…

    1. Our odds on the surface do seem problematic. Even if we survive calamity, there may be oppression from more organized survivors. Some (including Chan Thomas) hope[d] for extraterrestrial saviors.

      1. Depending upon the Dzhanibekov gyrations that result in the Sun rising upon the opposite horizon* (without any standstill), causing 800-1,600km/h winds (cryo/pyro-thermal), 600m super-tsunami, crustal shift with tectonic rise/fall, giving rise to super-volcanic eruptions (from extinct volcanoes too) and mega-earthquakes, with potential plasma/radiation incursion, any subsequent interaction with other survivors is going to seem like a family reunion.


  9. If all that is true, we are just shadows living the life of a shadow.
    That was anyway said to us already by the ancient Greeks, for whom the afterlife was just a life of shadows; likewise, the ancient Jews expected dimly lit Sheol
    It must have become too painful for people, so the vision of the paradise after death was created and has been propagated ever since.

  10. Even a bunker is temporary. If you want a body of light or, even better, a diamond body, study Buddhism. Jesus quoted Buddha, and was obviously a practitioner, for those who had eyes to see. Jesus also said his followers could do all he could do and more. Currently Li Hongzhu has the best spiritual practice on Earth right now, but your mind and character have to be very disciplined to succeed. Remember very few recognized Elijah and Jesus the last time they were here, and history repeats itself, at least until we’re all ready to be liberated from the foolishness. If you do a spiritual practice from Buddhism, or the one developed by Patanjali as recommended by Ingo Swann, you may gain entry into these shadowy realms as well as as the realms of spiritual light during meditation. Much like this realm, they’re all temporary. The emotional self is the animal nature, the first step of any real spiritual practice is disengaging from it and seeking a more enduring truth. Watching this realm can be a form of spiritual practice.

    1. Certainly Cusco is close to a most undisturbed part of the Earth’s surface and may well be a good place to hole out, at least initially.

      Anyway, how you get from the Hendaye cross to Cusco involves at lot of hand waving.

  11. Can anyone please tell me how Ben D and Douglas V (and yourselves) reconcile their differences between no axial rotation and the equator staying where it is, and there being one, at the time of the Reversal. I don’t understand why there’s the differene in their studies as surely they are studing the same geological data, so why and how do they come to the different conclusions? That’s provided I’m understanding where they are coming from correctly.

      1. Hello David, I might have misunderstood, but does Douglas Vogt say the equator remains where it is after the Reversal, whereas yourself and Ben Davidson say it shifts to a new position. And if that’s so, that there is this difference of opinion, why is that, when surely they are studying the same geological data and other references? Is that any better?
        I have been having problems with Youtube posting comments so I can’t ask them directly.

        1. I think the people that expect a pure reversal, with poles in the same exact locations, are ignoring several facts. They are ignoring the evidence of ancient bands of coral criss crossing the planet indicating many previous equators (and poles) in many locations. They’re ignoring the orientation of magnetic particles in lava rock showing where the pole was when the lava cooled and solidified. They’re ignoring the orientation of dozens or even hundreds of very ancient temples facing previous North Poles, as noted by Mark Carlotto and others. They’re ignoring evidence from Charles Hapgood, Hugh Auchinloss Brown, and Chan Thomas (among others) who conclude there were specific locations of the poles in the past. They’re ignoring the last North American ice cap was centered on Hudson Bay while Siberia was warm. They’re ignoring the idea that mass imbalances on the crust are adjusted and brought to the equator when the crust is loosened from the core (just like Tharsis ended up on the Martian equator) and that the off-center mass of the Antarctic ice cap (about 340 miles from the rotational pole) provides torque to push that part of the crust towards Indonesia in the next pole shift.

      2. There are also some indications that most equators shame the same diameter, which leads one to suspect crustal slippage has a preferred pair of pivot points.

        1. Even the same pivot points would lead to different circumferences…. at first, unless there was isostatic rebound and internal readjustment to a new equatorial bulge…. but what indications do you speak of?

      3. I haven’t collected links, but from memory, when I’ve seen diagrams of previous equators they appear to have a common diameter/axis. Similarly, previous poles appear to occur upon the same line.

        My best guess so far is that the crust has greater resistance to slippage/displacement at these effective pivot points, and thus during pole flip, the consequent inertial crustal displacement occurs as a rotation of the crust about these points (slipping everywhere except those two slip-resistant locations).

  12. And by the way, I see your time prediction of say 2020 (just to round it off) as a Marker, a time in the sky people of the past could easily identify for the future, and one that marks the start of the 25 years you talk about.
    So if you add 25 to 2020 you get 2045, which for me is pretty close to Douglas’ date of Oct 2046. I know it’s not exact, but do these things need to be exact from the point of view of warning us people in their future.
    So your predicted time wasn’t actually the date of the Pole Shift, but perhaps it marks the time to start the countdown. That’s assuming Douglas is correct in the timing of his clock cycle.

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