May 28, 2023

2 thoughts on “Coronavirus Ushering in Beast System of End Times Bible Prophecy?

  1. Preceding the poleshift will be a phase of distraction and repression, so it is quite possible there will be an “I’ve been vaccinated” tattoo (between global crash and WW3). God knows whether the vaccine will be placebo or carcinogen…

    Will you accept the vaccine?

  2. Revelation 13:16-17 is referring to a spiritual mark, NOT a carnal mark. 666 is the count of the carnal mind, NOT the count of one possessing the wisdom of a spiritual mind. The number “six hundred threescore and six” is a seven-digit number (seven representing spiritual), a number that points us to something that was carnal; to an historical event, to the first beast, the power of which the second beast will exercise.

    Corona Virus. That which is physical is first spiritual.

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