July 13, 2024

If he were still alive, Chan Thomas (author of a controversial little pole shift theory book called The Adam and Eve Story) would be 100 years old this weekend.  He was born on February 15, 1920 – and unfortunately he died on February 14, 1998.  I wish I could have spoken to him directly.


Almost a year ago, I began researching Chan Thomas in depth.  I had written about him previously in a magazine article and in my last book on pole shifts, but in early 2019 I really focused on the mysteries surrounding Chan and his work.  Youtube, Reddit, and Google were all still buzzing with frequent commentary on the CIA’s somewhat recent declassification of a file containing Chan’s first book.

Most people who know a little about him still mistakenly believe that the CIA’s primary interest was the pole shift theory detailed in his book – when in reality, the book was included in the classified file only because it gave insights on the man.  It was Chan himself they were interested in when this was classified in the 1960s.  And it is the details on the man which remain only “partially declassified and sanitized for public view.”  The book, despite many internet rumors to the contrary about hundreds of missing pages – is available in full on the CIA’s web site.

I’m not dismissing The Adam and Eve Story – the book does give the correct explanation for the geophysical mechanism that allows pole shifts to happen.  As I explained at length in my own book on pole shifts – magnetohydrodynamics prove that the viscosity and friction between molten layers under the Earth’s crust only remains strong enough to avoid a pole shift when the Earth’s magnetic field is strong.  In a weak magnetic field, semi-crystalline lattices break down and the torque from mass imbalances like an unevenly distributed ice cap in Antarctica will overcome the restraints of viscosity.  And we know that Earth’s magnetic field is declining at an accelerating rate in recent years.  The pole shift event on Earth is tied in to a cosmic energy event that will reach our solar system sooner than you want to know – and sooner than authorities want you to know.

But when it comes to Chan Thomas, the CIA is hiding much more than evidence of the coming catastrophic pole shift.  Chan was also a psychic and he knew that everyone has the ability to develop their ESP.  He taught classes on developing your ESP at UCLA from 1972-1974.  His second book, Body 2, describes how our physical body is the less important shell used by our eternal energy body – which has incredible abilities to communicate across time and space with everyone else – human or otherwise.

As much as secretive agencies like the CIA hate the idea that everyone has natural psychic potential (which can be used to bypass privacy and secrecy in a way that horrifies intelligence agencies) – the idea that extraterrestrial aliens can be contacted this way scares them even more.  The CIA wants to keep a lid on the existence of aliens, let alone the agenda they have for us.  They don’t want regular people in open communication with them.  But Chan Thomas worked for aerospace companies like McDonnell-Douglas trying to back-engineer anti-gravity engines and other UFO technology – AND he claimed to be in direct psychic contact with aliens.

We know all this from Chan’s “public period” when he officially existed, up until 1974.  Prior to that he was a semi-famous author who gave lots of talks on his theories.  He taught at UCLA.  He was even a guest on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  (Good luck finding the episode – even the written transcripts have been “lost” by both the network and the Library of Congress.)

Then in 1993, Chan Thomas reemerges from the ether and started publishing books again.  I am most interested in the Prelude and Postlude to The Adam and Eve Story, as they greatly expand on his thoughts about pole shifts, and his interpretation of the Bible through that unique perspective.

But where was he between 1974 and 1993?  For about twenty years, Chan Thomas disappeared from all public records.  It is hard to write a biography on a man tied to the CIA who did his most interesting work undercover.  On the one hand, I admire the CIA for the thoroughness with which they erased his official existence.  On the hand hand, it has made my last year of research efforts somewhat frustrating because they are good at what they do.  I have discovered more than they would want me to know, yet far less than I want to know.

I had initially expected that by now, at the centennial of Chan’s birth, I would be using the occasion to promote my new biography of Chan Thomas.  But the path has not been easy; the rabbit holes are long and deep and there are many of them.  When my book does eventually come out, after I feel I have thoroughly exhausted all my leads and sources of information, it will offer a fascinating insight into the man and his work.

Unfortunately, my journey researching this is far from over.  I have become friends with someone who was once Chan’s friend, who said “we were instantly friends” when he met Chan many decades ago…  I know enough of Chan’s character, despite all the CIA secrecy, to say with certainty that if I had met him in person, I too would have naturally been friends with him.  All I can say now about my indirect friend Chan (I know him well, but never met him) is – rest in peace.


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