November 29, 2023

3 thoughts on “Oldest Egyptian Temples are Aligned to Previous North Poles

  1. Incidentally, I’ve finally figured out what ‘return of Christ’ or ‘return of the king’ means.

    ‘Christ’ is old greek for king.

    However, the most critical thing is the word ‘return’.

    The word ‘return’ should not be interpreted as ‘paying us another visit’, but ‘is no longer receding, and is now coming back toward us’.

    Having just passed apoastron (furthest point away), our second Sun is no longer receding from us, but has now resumed that phase in its orbit where it is now coming towards us. Our second sun is now returning to us. ‘When Christ returns’ is NOW.

    Similarly, the Red Kachina was red because it was receding, but having passed through a brief white phase, we now see the Blue Kachina, which is blue because it is now approaching (will be at its closest 12,000 years from now).

    When Christ returns (NOW), we are in trouble. When we see the Blue Kachina (NOW), we are in trouble.

    Christ’s return is nothing to do with anything visiting Earth, but to do with something incredibly significant that is no longer receding…

    1. A very interesting possibility – have you ever seen ancient records of the brightness of Sirius? It should be at its dimmest now, and much brighter in the distant past, if it was much closer

      1. There are many places where the description ‘blazing star’ has been used, e.g. thousands of years ago (and thousands of years hence) it would look like Venus does recently, i.e. like an extremely bright aeroplane’s headlights. At periastron it would be even brighter, an extremely bright ‘star’ that would always catch any glance at the night sky (and easily be visible dusk/dawn).

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