February 24, 2024

from Michael Snyder’s new article:

China Just Escalated Their Brutal Persecution Of Christians To An Entirely New Level

“Under the leadership of Chinese President Xi Jinping, the persecution of unofficial churches has steadily escalated.  This year they actually tried to ban Christians from gathering on Christmas, and a series of new regulations has just been introduced that requires “total submission to the Chinese Communist Party at all times”…

So what does that sort of “submission” look like?

Well, in some cases officials have required churches to take down pictures of Jesus and replace them with pictures of President Xi Jinping….”

[This reminds me of both the desecration of the Jewish Temple by the Seleucid King Antiochus Epiphanes in 168 B.C. – as he defiled the temple sanctuary with things like pig sacrifices, prostitution, and a statue of “Zeus” with his own face… and the future event in Daniel’s prophecy about an Antichrist who will defile the not yet built Third Temple in Jerusalem by proclaiming himself to be God.]

Any church that does not go along is likely to be raided and shut down at any time.

For example, Pastor Wang Yi once led one of the most important underground churches in all of China, but his church was raided and he was arrested.

And now we have learned that he has just been sentenced to nine years in prison…

China has already been bulldozing and burning Christian churches…


Despite having over 100 million Christians, and being set to become the nation with the most practicing Christians in the world – persecution in China is intensifying, rivaling that in Iran and other intolerant Islamic nations.

I have often imagined China allied with an Islamic alliance against the West in WWIII as Nostradamus suggested in his prophecies.  I always viewed that hypothetical alliance as a pragmatic one – both with historical grudges against western superpowers, both hoping to change the status quo in their favor – but until now I never thought they shared a goal of eliminating Christianity.


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