June 5, 2023

8 thoughts on “Bad Predictions

  1. Seriously? Now you’re spouting Pütin and US big oil crapaganda about obvious climate change? There is no reason all vehicles shouldn’t be electric, all power should be wind and solar. But big oil and Pütin can’t put a paywall between the sun and the people.

    How many more people have to die in climate disasters that have never happened before before you people get it.

    Deceived elect? No kidding.

  2. Thanks David for the update, I was pretty excited about the 31st December being the escape, but stay positive and keep looking, God will reveal it in His time.

  3. An mit computer predictes the end of civilization in 2040 with the first big downturn in civilation beginning in 2020 so far its charts have been correct over the years if i were u i would stop with the magical thinking and d level math and look to the facts. Google mit computer predicts end of civilization.

  4. Anthropogenic climate change was invented to cover for climatic anomalies expected to occur as the external magnetic field change becomes increasingly antagonistic (cosmogenic climate change). It is also, conveniently, yet another means of peculative taxation (diverted to preparations).

  5. It’s here David. We were right. I knew it. The end is here. Jesus is here. I know it. We were right. God bless us. Hail Mary full of grace the lord is with thee blessed are thou among women and blessed are the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary mother of god pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death amen.

  6. I am scared shitless. At least we have each other David. Keep in touch. Peace and love. I’ve been trying to warn people and no one will listens to me. I am an angel. I work for the Lord.

    1. There’s little reason to be so scared. Even though we think we know what’s coming, most predictions are wrong. I’ve been wrong. We may be wrong again. Also we all pass on to the next level eventually. We’re supposed to, and its unavoidable. So focus on growing and evolving and learning while here. I think we should all focus more on becoming better, smarter, wiser, more loving, more spiritual – more like God – and worry less about the death of the meat-sack we temporarily inhabit in this dimension. But if anyone feels compelled to focus on physical survival of the next catastrophe, then relocate to a safer place, inland at higher altitude – and acquire the skills and supplies that will matter most in the aftermath.

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