March 1, 2024


In the Middle East, there was a total solar eclipse visible at sunrise today.  I have commented at length about the significance of the “ring of fire” or “diamond ring effect” visible when we can see the solar corona as a bright circle around the edge of the moon.  I pointed out how this heavenly ring appears in the midst of a week when the sun, moon and planets seem to move in ways that act out the major steps of an ancient Jewish wedding ceremony, and that it fulfills Isaiah 13:10 “the sun will be dark when it rises.”  I wrote an entire book focused on the potential significance of this week in the fulfillment of end times prophecy.

Nothing unusual seems to be happening.  Maybe I saw patterns that are proving to be mere coincidences.  But I am not the only one noticing.  Michael Snyder wrote at the SHTFplan web site:

“As millions of Americans are eating their Christmas dinners and enjoying their Christmas presents, millions upon millions of people in the Middle East will be gazing up into the sky at a truly bizarre celestial event…. Now, a new “sign in the sky” will be appearing over Bethlehem at a time of the year when many Christians around the world are looking back and remembering the birth of Jesus.

Once again, I have no idea if it actually means anything.

Maybe this is just another really weird coincidence.”

Snyder also noted some of the asteroids whizzing by Earth as (hopefully) near misses this week, though no one recently is mentioning the one NASA warned about in May, which they said is most likely to hit Earth December 28, 2019 – more likely than on any of its future crossings of Earth’s orbit – though still unlikely to impact this week.

At a minimum, some of us realize there are a lot of interesting coincidences recently.

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