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September 21, 2023

24 thoughts on “Eclipse = Heavenly Sign?

  1. I think that maybe we got a little too excited. I was talking to one of my buddies and he told me that God wouldn’t put 7 billion people on this earth just to destroy it. I think he is just doing a cleanse. I live in Saint Louis and most of the drug addicts, thieves, rapists, etc are nowhere to be found. I believe God was sweeping them up in his natural disasters. As I have been looking around my county, I have noticed it is 95% married couples, families and children. I have not seen any drug addicts or murderers like usual. Maybe God is just cleansing us of all the evilness that is on our precious earth right now. Last night I ran into a friend I have not seen in awhile and the sweet embrace and hug we had felt so good that I thought to myself, there is no way that God is going to just end this all. I have so much more life to live as does my other family and friends. Life is so beautiful. I want to go back for my MBA and my PhD and focus on the mental illness stigma and the narcotic and opioid crisis. I think God is going to let me do that. We will see. Have a beautiful day David.

      1. Don’t be discouraged David….the book was excellent…I bought 5 copies…..a great read and signs mean something….the problem is with our calendar the the Hebrew calendar differences I think…..but keep up the good work !

  2. Birth of Jesus = Nativity = Woman clothed with The Sun, etc.

    These things mean the time is near rather than signifying precisely when.

    1. Well it certainly looks like I failed to pick dates for events. You say no one can, maybe maybe not. I wonder how much longer the present world has when many of us feel we have been very close for a long time.

      1. The best indication as to precisely when the poleshift is going to happen is when events occur that exceed the definition of ‘climate change’, and TPTB have to instigate major distractions (market collapse, WW3, etc.) and communication suppression (Internet off, grid down, martial law). I’d guess this would be about a month or so before the main event.

        TPTB have already announced the immanence of the eschaton with the felling of the twin towers (Sol&Set), and reinforced it with the burning of Notre Dame (has towers of Sol&Set aside the Zodiac).

        Given an event that happens every 12,000 years, due to external cosmic forces, it’s not surprising its occurrence may vary by a few decades each time. The objective of mankind’s mythology (Bible, etc.) is to perpetuate the knowledge, and provide advanced warning for preparation, not to pinpoint the precise moment of the event.

        1. You may be right Zod, though I strongly suspect the elite’s expected survivors very much want to know the date to increase the odds they are in place, without having to live in their bunkers for decades.

      2. While the Illuminati no doubt have their reserved spaces (and the ability to get to them, if not already there), I suspect that there are already well established ‘breakaway civilisations’ in a variety of underground cities around the world, inhabited by folk also indoctrinated with an incomplete world view, albeit one more appropriate to their predicament (The Island, Logan’s Run, etc.). These things need to be running smoothly long before the event. WW1 & WW2 demonstrate that human beings are highly expendable, so there’d be no compunction maintaning Morlock cities in parallel with doomed Eloi surface workers (even if they are eugenically tipping off the more intelligent among the latter).

      3. No man-made craft has left low Earth orbit (in the last cycle). The aspiration for the next cycle (of 12,000 years) is to exceed this.

      4. Yes, given a technologically advanced start (as opposed to early agriculture/husbandry), 12,000 years of further, unimpeded technological progress should easily have us pervading the solar system (space elevators, etc.), and surviving the cosmic field change twice a great year (like a tornado is survived today).

        Progress has been deliberately held back this cycle (by Vatican, etc) to ensure the masses can be kept in the dark until the last minute (apocalypse). No doubt in previous cycles it has been discovered that 12,000 years isn’t quite long enough to become sufficiently advanced (as indicated by the Great Pyramid).

        Given the timescales involved, you can deduce that the needs of this great mission* exceed all other considerations.

        * Escaping Saṃsāra, breaching Fermi’s great filter.

  3. Stay awake be ready, we do not know the hour when the Lord is coming.
    We will never know exact dates. Because God does not want us to know. He wants us to stay faithful and true to him. We need to trust in the Lord. The Lord is my shepherd I shall have no fear. The issue I see in this world is that people try to say science can explain anything but that is not true. Of course we can use science for many things. But there are also many things in this world that we have no control over and will never understand because the Lord is our creator and he is in charge.

    1. Our science may not explain everything, but I suspect God does follow a set of His own laws, of which math and physics are a foundation. So I obviously got things wrong, even Einstein and Hawking and Newton got some things wrong, but I bet God’s laws are consistent and make scientific sense and may someday be all figured out – even if humans don’t ever achieve it.

  4. You know your religion is a crock of shit when you use God and the Bible as justification for doomsday claims only to have fuck all happen. Get a real hobby, man, people are laughing at you.

    PS spare me the “you’re going to hell” bull if that’s the path you decide to go down, I’m an avid satanist and would love nothing more.

    1. My analysis may be a crock based on coincidences to which I attributed too much meaning…. And my personal opinion is that parents punish children only to teach them better behavior and God would probably do the same – eternal punishment makes little sense to me…. But are you saying you would want to end up in the typical depiction of hell?

      1. The “typical depiction” is essentially Christian propaganda, so no. I’d like to end up in the real version of hell not tainted by kiss-my-ass religious nuts, where Satan isn’t just some evil, malevolent beast with horns. But of course you probably disagree with that, so I doubt it makes a difference.

  5. 29 dec no a single thing happen no earthquake ,no pole shift ,no tsunami , no asteroid impact nothing.haha Reply hahahahaha………

    1. Yes, Subhajit, I was wrong. I wasted a lot of time and effort analyzing what I thought was relevant, and my best attempts at calculating dates proved worthless. But at least I gave it my best effort and I really felt there was a significant chance the last week was going to be eventful. I’m glad it wasn’t. In some of the dozens of mocking comments of yours I haven’t posted, you seem almost disappointed. Don’t worry, earthquakes, tsunamis and pole shifts are natural events and they will all happen again even if I can’t calculate when.

  6. It makes me so upset to see people talk down to you David. I respect you so much. As someone who is a scientist and a believer of God I totally understand where you are coming from. You have done nothing wrong. You are a brilliant and amazing person. Do not let anyone tell you any different. We can change this world together. Remain positive and stay educated and aware. Happy New Year and Happy Holidays.

    1. Thank you for the extremely positive words of encouragement. But in the end my best guesses on timing events has been proven wrong by the passage of uneventful time. If some of the better points I made increased anyone’s knowledge or strengthened their spirituality, then some good was accomplished.

      1. David, I just want you to know that I was so beside myself and upset and you are the only person/website/posts that made me feel comforted. You are INCREDIBLE. I am very educated and know a lot about science, databases, authors, etc. You are brilliant. Do not ever get discouraged. I think you are absolutely onto something. I truly think something serious is going to happen soon if humans on Earth do not get their act together. Have you ever watched The Pyramid Code? It is fascinating. Stay positive, keep your chin up. Happy New Year. Hugs.

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