March 1, 2024

It doesn’t take a 16th century French prophet to foresee the re-election of Donald Trump in 2020… But what other predictions did Nostradamus foresee?  I say the main theme of Nostradamus’ few easily decipherable prophecies are focused on WWIII – a great war between a pan-Islamic alliance (probably allied with China) vs. Europe and the Christian West in general (eventually including the United States and Russia – but not before Europe suffers greatly with an invasion from the south and east.


Of course, others foresee problems with extraterrestrials, great earthquakes, even an eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano – yet very few suggest that Nostradamus described a world-as-we-know-it ending POLE SHIFT in October 2029, shortly after the end of the slow-to-accelerate third world war, “starting” in 2001 and gradually intensifying over 27 years before a climactic end in late 2028.


Keep in mind, most writers (and video producers) don’t do any deep research into the languages, mythology, or history necessary to recognize Nostradamus’ greatest successful prophecies (such as his description of the Soviet Union only lasting 73 years and 7 months) and only focus on popular interpretations – which are usually easily debunked.



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