December 3, 2023


  1. Hello David,

    My name is Alain Dubreuil. My ministry is Ministry Revealed. We’ve been talking quite a bit about your book End Times 2019. There’s a whole lot more that has been revealed and connects to your discovery of the wedding in the sun moon and stars. And although you were off about the passed 7 years. You’re revelation isn’t! I can show you the reason for the passed 7 years and the coming 2 sets of 7 that I believe are based on the count from the Mayan calendar coming to an end or the start of a new count. And the WHOLE story is from scripture.

    I would love to speak with you if possible and maybe we could do a live call in or on screen. We have 4000 brothers and sisters on youtube who I know based on what has been revealed through this ministry would like to hear from you about the Jewish wedding about to play out in the stars.

    Please feel free to email or call me (403)XXX-XXXX In Canada or email me your contact info and I can call you.

    Blessings brother. Looking forward to hearing from you.


  2. Come on David, you lose credibility by repeating someone else’s sensationalist headline, especially when unfounded, and implausible. People will assume it is you making such a claim.

    Given apparent pivot points for the poles, it’s possible the new poles could be estimated to within 30 degrees latitude (from the current poles) given that degree of crustal slippage (during a 180 flip), and 5 degrees longitude, but even then, they can’t end up anywhere near the equator as this video proposes.

    God knows how the author determines ‘world powers admit’.

    The only clue we’ll get is that WW3 starts, Internet kill switch, grid down, financial collapse, etc.

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