July 13, 2024

Every December, people start making predictions for the next year.

They inevitably make reference to prophecies from Nostradamus.  While some people twist what he said to align with their expectations of Putin or Trump or North Korea or whatever suits their fancy at the moment, I am reminded of a Nostradamus movie HBO produced around 1979-1980 – The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, hosted by Orson Welles.

The clip below shows the end results of what Nostradamus refers to as a 27 year conflict between Islam and Christianity, gradually starting with terrorism and escalating tensions after September 11, 2001 – and culminating in a limited nuclear war (New York will be one of the few cities nuked) prior to the end of a largely conventional WWIII in which Europe will suffer the most, prior to WWIII’s end in late 2028. (Followed by a cataclysmic pole shift in October 2029.)

As the video suggests, Nostradamus predicts (across about sixty prophecies with this general theme) that there will be a pan-Islamic alliance of nations (presumably allied with China) led by an antichrist-like figure from Iran (whom they would call the Mahdi.)


(Let that sink in, as you think about what John might have seen followers of Antichrist wearing symbols of on their bodies in his visions.  Keep in mind he couldn’t read Arabic.)

America will be down for the count initially, (reasons are unclear, perhaps economic collapse, civil war/unrest, plague or a pre-emptive EMP attack) and unable to help Europe repel an invasion when the TRUMPet sounds.  But eventually America and Russia will be friends (unthinkable when this was produced in 1979, and long before Nostradamus’ prediction that the USSR would only last 73 years and 7 months came true in 1991) and together the US and Russia will save Europe and defeat the Islamic alliance.


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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L1lMS8D-Oo&w=450&h=360]

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