May 28, 2023

7 thoughts on “Which Pole Shift Cover-Up Matters Most?

  1. The 12,000 year cycle and causative 24,000 year barycentric orbit have been known about by secret societies/mystery schools for many great years.

    Disseminating the knowledge is done as a combination of deflection and disclosure. The insufficiently astute are led astray, the sufficiently astute are enlightened.

      1. Thanks for the link David.

        Unfortunately, at best that page is muddled with misinterpretations, at worst it is deliberate disinfo.

        The period of the binary orbit is 24,000 years (great year), and the Earth inverts just after apoapsis and periapsis, i.e. on a cycle of 12,000 years. This is corroborated by the precession, ice cores and geological strata.

        Sirius is only pointed to by Orion’s belt (and the bow constellation) at the current time (the eschaton).

        The Dogon tribe did not have the oral knowledge of Sirius as claimed. It turned out to be a crude ploy to corroborate the existence of Sirius B (which does not exist) by way of cementing the idea that Sirius was a distant binary pair (rather than a nearby solar companion).

        So, Sirius is approaching, but that’s because it’s just passed apoapsis at about 4-6,000AU away, and it’ll take 12,000 years to reach periapsis at about 1,500 to 2,000AU away. So, it’s not “fast approaching our solar system and disturbing everything in it”.

        Nevertheless, one could look at this page as the hiding of diamonds in a sugar bowl, so it may well be worth looking elsewhere on Amallula.

  2. Frankly, I’ve never really even worked on the Sirius page. Once I decided to make Sirius a stand-alone subject, I just started dumping stuff there. Most of my pages are like that. Years ago I used to think it was important. But anybody who claims to know the exact trigger mechanism overlooks the true significance of NASA’s Voyager Program, Gravity Probe B (GP-B), Cassini Spacecraft, and other efforts on the part of the people who know for sure the planet is about to be destroyed to determine exactly the cause of what happens. If they do not know, how can you? We are far too close to the actual destruction of the planet to quibble over what may or may not be the exact cause. I bought one of David’s books because of a single thought it contained. If I may give you one piece of advice, I would be more concerned about surviving than being right. Right now, being concerned about appearances and being right will only serve to get you killed along with the overwhelming mass of humanity. There is infinitely more going on right now than you can even imagine. I am focused on one thing and one thing only; being alive when it is all over, standing on this planet with the structure that now governs our lives gone forever, free and alive. That is what keeps me going.

      1. I know of many very intelligent people expecting a pole shift at different times in the near future from 2021 to 2046 – but I can only tell you vaguely that it seems we are due sometime within the next few decades. If there is specific evidence to narrow it down conclusively, it’s either classified or I just can’t find it.

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