March 1, 2024

On 9/11/2001 President George Bush sat in an elementary school classroom while a teacher prompted children to read words off a paper – including – PLANES – MUST – HIT – STEEL – almost to the minute as the president was informed of what was happening to the first of the Twin Towers in New York.  Of course he showed no surprise or significant reaction…. as the event was planned and scripted and led to the appropriate wars in the Middle East.  The children next read a book about a pet goat while the president still sat at the front of the classroom.  This is the basis for the many references and animated shorts like the one with commentary below.


I think the animation is highly symbolic and well done, and the commentary in the video is insightful.  But there are many insightful commentaries on the original “I, Pet Goat” video, and not all of them agree in their interpretations.  There are many images, symbols, and references to war, destruction, and collapse of old systems under Masonic and/or NWO puppetmasters.  There are many references to Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, especially in regard to a final war and to end times prophecies.  Some interpreters of this video see the judgment and destruction not just of humanity but of the physical world too, with natural disasters including a pole shift ending the present world age and allowing a new start.

Some see the golden figure as a false Christ or demonic antichrist while others see the figure as the true Messiah bringing humanity to a new age of unified spiritual consciousness.  Others say we are reading too much into a creative video made by mere humans.  Some suggest it is divinely inspired – if interested, look at this interpretation which suggests “The video is an occult mystery play, the purpose of which is to lay rails in the space of future for implementation of a certain scenario, and serves a sort of a warning of upcoming events for those who are ready to hear.”

But this doesn’t necessarily mean the “I, Pet Goat” movies are accurate depictions of future events, specifically WWIII or the antichrist or the fulfillment of biblical end times prophecies.  Watch the video below, and click on the links above if you are interested in my more detailed interpretations on such topics.


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