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Evidence not only suggest catastrophic POLE SHIFTS that periodically reorganize the surface of the Earth – evidence also suggests a cosmic cause – periodic activity at the center of our galaxy (and most galaxies) with an explosion of radiation, energy, and dust spreading outwards in expanding spherical shells.  The last one hit Earth about 12,900 years ago.  How soon is the next major galactic superwave is due?  Possibly within a few months (suggests Dr. LaViolette) or even weeks – if there is any merit to my analysis in

End Times and 2019


Posted by: Paul LaViolette
November 28, 2019

The video Cosmic Secret featuring Corey Goode and David Wilcock has now just come out.  As you can see by viewing the trailer linked above, Goode claims that the Secret Space Program sent an interstellar spacecraft out into the Galaxy (presumably toward the Galactic center and at superluminal speed) which reported encountering several superwaves now making their way toward us.  If we are to believe his story, this would be direct observational confirmation of the Galactic superwave theory first made public in 1983.  Although Goode does not mention my name as originator of the superwave theory, immediately following his piece, Dr. Salla mentions my research on superwaves as well as the pulsar message warning about their passage in the past.  This interstellar flight is claimed to have occurred in 1987, and as I state in a posting earlier this year, this allowed the off-planet space effort many years to learn of my exposition of the superwave theory and its imminent danger to the Earth.

However, in regard to the rest of the video, I do not have much good to say about it.  It presents so much BS that I had to hold my stomach in places.  It is as if the producers put science and fantasy in a blender and then poured it out in this video as if it all was fact….”

[In the next section of this article Dr. LaViolette explains why he doesn’t think pole shifts happen, and why he doesn’t think highly of many of the theories of Rand Flem-Ath, Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Michael Salla….]

But to me, his anti-pole-shift explanation seems weak:

“In my book Earth Under Fire, I have explained about the Piri Reis map.


There was a long inter-glacial period about 130,000 years ago when the Earth’s temperature was around a degree warmer than it is today (see my Ph.D. dissertation update Figure 8-B, p. 237).  Obviously the Antarctic coast line would have been ice free at that time and ancient civilizations at that time could have charted its coastline to make such a map. You don’t need to assume crazy ideas of pole shift to account for the map as pole-shifters do.”


So…. instead of thinking all the evidence for pole shifts is credible, Dr. LaViolette thinks a one degree temperature change would have made parts of Antarctica ice-free and that since this happened 130,000 years ago that is a better explanation for how a civilization then could have mapped Antarctica’s ice-free coasts – rather than the idea that the continent was in a different position.  I greatly respect Dr. LaViolette but I can’t see how that idea is a more credible explanation for Antarctica’s previous warmth.  One degree warmer doesn’t melt the ice cap….

Dr. LaViolette’s article continues to critique Goode, Wilcock, and Salla, and mentions their idea that the galactic superwave theory of his might explain why the sun could have a micronova outburst….

“…Moreover Wilcock links the end of this cycle with a solar flash catastrophic event.  He makes no link of this solar phenomenon to the superwave phenomenon.  In fact, there is no evidence that I know of to indicate that the Sun by itself, in its current quiescent state, would suddenly produce a catastrophic flash.  We have not had any super solar events for at least 11,500 years during the current interglacial.  For such extreme action, the Sun has to be acted on by something external to itself, such as a superwave, cosmic dust infall, or large comet impact onto the Sun.  The scenario I presented in my dissertation has the arriving superwave pushing outlying cosmic dust into the Solar System and aggravating the Sun to a T Tauri flaring condition, a transition which can take months.  In such a state the Sun can emit killer solar flares.  The other scenario, which I named the “Dragon Mode Effect”, occurred to me in 2014 after my visit to the clairvoyant Bishop Avondios in Milan, Italy.  I  posted about it here: https://etheric.com/future-reading-padre-avondios/

This solar outburst would occur within days of the superwave arrival. The highest energy cosmic rays (and also highest velocity) would begin arriving within the first three days of the initial superwave arrival.  Their energies would be too high to be deflected by the heliopause sheath, and so they would stream straight into the solar system.  When the reach the Sun, they would blow its coronal atmosphere away from its surface forming a comet-like tail.  If this happens when the Earth is downstream in its orbit e.g., in December when the Sun is aligned with the Galactic center), the result would be catastrophic, similar to or worse than a super solar proton event.  Wilcock does not mention this scenario in the superwave context which would make the whole thing quite believable.  So the listener is presented with a rather unbelievable scenario that he must accept as fact, leaving independent thinkers to have doubts.  This is really a pity.

One comment should be made here in regard to the Dragon Mode Effect.  Researcher David Montaigne predicts in his book End Times and 2019 that a superwave may arrive between December 21st – 28th of this year; see his 2018 posting. That is less than a month away.  If it occurs at that time, fortunately for us, we will be having a new moon on December 26th.  In other words, around that time the moon will be positioned between us and the Sun (although not in an eclipsing position).  So it would help to shield us from the blast.

Regarding what Goode says about the superwave, I would not say that the video itself fails to give me credit for superwave phenomenon.  For Salla saves the situation.  It is Corey that does not mention me in connection with the superwave concept when he begins relating his superluminal spaceship story and the SSP discovery of superwaves.  But the video places an interview of Michael Salla who ameliorates the situation by giving me credit for the idea.  The video, though, would have been better structured if it had placed Salla’s piece first crediting me with the idea and when I had publicized it and then followed it with Corey’s piece about the SSP discovery.  This would establish the correct sequence of events….”

Read the full article for more of Dr. LaViolette’s thoughts.  If interested in the clues/evidence that drew my attention to late December 2019,

read End Times and 2019.


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