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My readers know I have been detailing the evidence suggesting a biblical end times event expected during December 21-28, 2019 ever since End Times and 2019 came out.


Susan Seymour Hedke recently wrote:

Hallo Dear Facebook Friends, I have hardly posted this year, yet many of you joined me here to receive warnings of coming events and so I feel I should give you one about this coming December especially for the time when the Sun will enter the sign of the Goat at the Winter Solstice on December 22, and for the date of the solar eclipse, shortly after on December 26, but for you to understand why this is significant you need some of the foundation that I have, so this album will give some of the pieces in the puzzle, that is if there are still Seekers after Truth out there?

In 2001 as 9/11 occurred, President Bush was in a schoolroom reading a book about a pet Goat.

In 2004, when the Biblical seeming Indian Ocean Tsunami occurred the Sun was in the sign of the Goat, Capricorn. It led to me writing a huge book about its meaning.
It led to me discovering a reason why a large number of disasters showed the influence of this sign: like the Bam Iran earthquake of December 26 2003 with 43,000 fatalities and a most deadly one I also predicted where 5 heavenly bodies including the Sun were in the sign of the Goat – the Haiti Earthquake in 2010 with well over 300,000 fatalities.

In 2012 an animated movie came out called “I,Pet Goat II” It showed an apocalyptic event and also pointed to an eclipse. Later I discovered that this was a very particular solar eclipse which narrowed the date for the Apocalypse down to one Year, one month, and even possibly one day: the 26 December 2019.

This MAY be the exact day when a Mega Tsunami will sweep over many coastal and low lying areas as the result of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. If so this MAY be connected to a 90° magnetic shift of the poles followed on by a Geographic shifting on the Earth’s crust. This is all part of a very ancient knowledge and Prophecy recorded in monuments like the Great Pyramid and art down through the ages. These events on Earth will be triggered by a galactic wave sent from the Galactic Center such as was behind the Indian Ocean Tsunami on December 26 2004.

However this darkening of the Lights so close to the Darkest point in the Year and Great Year – this eclipse – may also just be the main marker and some of the events may occur before or later between December and January: ie the Tsunami may follow later.
The horror movie The Ring seems to suggest this , it shows what looks like an eclipse on a TV screen and claims when you see it you die a week later.
The Bible tells that these times will be like the time of Noah when the Flood came – we are told “So shall the Coming of the Son of Man be” …

I know there is much deception out there, and if it were not for my own discoveries connecting heavenly alignments to disasters on earth I would not be posting this, nor can I be certain how serious it will be and what odds one has of surviving. However I see myself like a weather forecaster, does a weather forecaster cease to share his forecasts when he sees a big storm approaching? NO based on these aspects in the Heavens, that I see this Elite Priesthood also pointing toward, I must give out a warning for at least intensified disaster levels. I will begin this Watch on the 12th December 2019 because of a Heavenly Alignment between 12th and 15th that could bring the first signs of the Earth egg cracking – perhaps in Indonesia/ Indian Ocean and the warning continues for one month to the 12th January 2020. (More Specific dates and places may be given later).
Most of this December their is a strong alignment or aspects to a large number of bodies beginning to align in the sign of the Goat. Both of the weightiest planets Jupiter and Saturn are in this sign as they were when the largest ever recorded earthquake occurred in 1960 in Chile.
The solar eclipse occurring in this sign of the Goat is of a unique nature, for one reason because it is conjunct Jupiter the King Planet, but the whole thing is part of an even greater heavenly alignment that has been long awaited and cannot be mistaken, one that marks the End or Omega Alpha point in a Great Year.
The animated film particularly connects the dots: showing an apocalypse in connection to this Goat ( Pet is a reference to the Heavens in Egyptian Hieroglyphs – so Heavenly Goat)
The Heavenly sign of the Goat begins at the Winter Solstice.
The film came out on June 24 2012, 2012 being the year of the Mayan Prophecy expected at the Winter Solstice: I Pet Goat II points to the true date, June 24 is an earlier Summer Solstice date associated with St John the Baptist ( and Elijah) the prophets who must come before as the Summer Solstice must come before the Winter Solstice – the whole of Bible Prophecy is a message about the “Winter Solstice” as the time of the Apocalyptic Return.
June 24 is also the date the Freemasons formed their Grand Lodge in 1717… all this led on to the creation of the USA through the Freemasonic Founding Fathers – they knew what was coming even back then.
The dates June 24 and December 27 being the dates of the two St Johns, to the second John – John the Divine so close in supposed birth to Jesus – birth date December 25 – both earlier solstice dates – being of great significance to them. – representing thheir two pillars Jachin und Boaz – that also were represented in the smoking and burning Twin Towers of 9/11.
They are the Hidden Hand behind the creation of this film. Research also proves that they were also the Builders and destroyers of the Twin Towers on 9/11, which was sent to us as a Message about the coming Apocalypse.
These events mentioned, and many others equally strange in recent years sent researchers scurrying down their rabbit holes in the last years, but they have all got lost, because they did not have the heavenly Key, that can only be given through a deeper understanding of the Heavenly cycles, and the nature of the signs given therein.
It has been very difficult for me to know how to begin to share this with you, and if I even should, it goes against the tide of the times and the hopes we all harbour and yet in the long term this darkest time is the time of the Return of Light, what can we do but go on?
We are at the Door – the Door that symbolizes the Lord of the Winter Solstice, the only Omega and Alpha point on the Greaat Wheel of Time.
For those of you – my Brothers and Sisters -who are like me, and see Consciousness as a Light, Knowing as worthy path, The search for Meaning and Foreknowledge as a golden thread that binds us to a Higher eternal purpose,, and the doorways to the Unknown to which they lead us on our “Long and Winding Road” as to be opened with the Heart’s Faith,You may want to follow me here and find out more.

This image below comes from the animated film “I,Pet Goat II”. It shows Osama Bin Laden and the Sun partially obscured. A solar eclipse is referenced many times in the film, which also shows that an apocalyptic event has transformed North America and in fact it seems much of the Northern Hemisphere. The eclipse is occurring after this event has already occurred, so take note that even before the solar eclipse apocalyptic events may occur. The dark body partially covering the Sun is the Moon. The Moon seems here rather smaller than the Sun this is not the case when we have a total eclipse of the Sun only by an annular eclipse which leaves a “Halo” of Light, a “Ring” or “Ring of Fire” or a Crown or Corona of Thorns. This message is being shared in many places. This Ring of Light can be translated as a letter O. This is the next sign I will show you that we are referring to this particular Solar Eclipse, for it is in the name of the Creators of the film, who call themselves “HeliOfant”. This is also written in gOld, the color and metal attributed to the Sun.


I think this eclipse is just one part of the sun, moon, and planets acting out all major steps of an ancient Jewish wedding ceremony in the sky – the eclipse’s diamond ring effect being the giving of the ring from the groom/Sun/Jesus to the bride/Earth/us.  It also fulfills Isaiah 13:30 about the sun being dark as it rises because the total solar eclipse will be visible from Jerusalem at sunrise (assuming the pole shift hasn’t started yet….)

If interested in more details on clues pointing to December 2019 as the fulfillment of end times Bible prophecy, read End Times and 2019

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