October 4, 2023

5 thoughts on “THE PET GOAT PROPHECY & DECEMBER 2019

  1. Your comment from the book End Times and 2019, various Bible verses tell us to watch for a time when…1-day before Hanukkah, 2-Winter Solstice, 3-Sabbath…align.

    Can you point me to some of those verses? Thank you. I have no way of buying your book. I have no mailing address and the book is not for sale locally.

  2. Jachin & Boaz aka Sol & Set* (the two primary, twin towers – a third, lesser tower being Luna – together representing the three great lights of freemasonry).
    “the Coming of the Son of Man” aka ‘The dawning of the age of Aquarius’.
    Every dozen millennia we move between yin & yang and The Earth turns upside down.
    The felling of the twin towers marks the immanence of the eschaton.

    * often pretended to be Venus to misdirect from the true morning star.

  3. Yes, in fact, the world is ending on 12/21. But the survivors will be those who have the emerald heart essence. You know if you are one of us. See you on the other side. – H

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