November 29, 2023

21 thoughts on “Project Looking Glass and The End of the World

  1. Kerry Cassidy interviewed an ex military guy who worked on Project Looking Glass. He explains the 2012 issue but more importantly that the cabal could not figure out how to change a future outcome they didn’t like. He doesn’t say it but it’s a collapse of the complex probabilistic wave forms that make up reality and the collapse they can’t stop is a powerful resonance of all the human minds that have awakened and some more advanced off planet races that are helping.

  2. it’s JORDAN not jonathan. FYI. This one incorrect item calls your whole website into question. I just mentioned this in a comment and it was removed. Second item calling your website into question.

  3. It’s JORDAN not jonathan, This one incorrect item calls your whole website into question. I pointed this out but my comments were removed, TWICE. Further calling into question your website. DO NOT REMOVE MY COMMENT PLEASE! Show some integrity & honesty.

  4. Cabal will be Annihilated. All COUNTRIES will be allies. China will be given back to the Good people, CCP= ANNIHILATED. ALL TRUTHS WILL BE TAUGHT, ALL LIES EXPOSED. GOD IS GREAT, PERFECT AND PURE LOVE.

  5. this is a message from outerspace:

    All the western people so called christians.

    unforgivable pornography. -Christ Forsaken.

    other races without christian name are working so hard for 50 dollar sgd per day cycling.

    *Immune to all Religions.

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