June 23, 2024


14 hours ago FOX News posted this article:

US Navy warships sail through South China Sea, defying China

“Two U.S. Navy warships sailed through the South China Sea this week, a move likely to inflame tensions in a region caught between the U.S. and China’s competing influence. The littoral combat ship Gabrielle Giffords on Wednesday came within 12 nautical miles of islands claimed by China.”

Within hours, hundreds of reports suggest an underwater explosion at a depth of 50 meters with a yield of 10-20 kilotons.  What just happened?  Did someone just lose a submarine?  If so, by accident or by hostile action?  If it even was a submarine being destroyed – whose sub was lost?  Or was this a shot over the bow – a warning that didn’t hit anything, but sent a clear message?


I have a theory: China doesn’t like the U.S. Congress’s decision on The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019.  China doesn’t like the protests in Hong Kong.  China doesn’t like the U.S. Navy near Hong Kong.  And China just sent a stern message to the U.S. Navy to get the hell out of their back yard swimming pool.  And America did – all U.S. ships left the area – as you would expect in the confusion following loss of communications and probable use of a nuclear weapon nearby.

While I doubt we are quite at the doorstep of Nostradamus’ predictions of WWIII with a Chinese-Islamic-alliance against the West (Europe will suffer the most from invasion and limited nuclear war) – the French prophet did predict that WWIII would be OVER by late 2028.

Defence Forum India says: “There has been an undersea explosion with radiation detected about 120 nautical miles south east of the Paracel Islands, South China Sea.”

The Moscow Times says: “The Russian government’s consumer protection watchdog Rospotrebnadzor said Friday it has detected a “radiation incident” in the South China Sea.  Based on data received from the Global Environmental Monitoring System, there’s an increase in background radiation in the South China Sea in connection with a radiation incident.”

Top News Online says: “China, Taiwan, and Vietnam have noticed a radioactive spike. Local media say there was an explosion on a Chinese nuclear submarine, but the information has not yet been confirmed by official sources.  In the South China Sea, there was an explosion under the water, after which three countries recorded a burst of radiation.”

Since I can’t find any Chinese stories about this, but Russia, India, the United States, and Philippines seem concerned – I am still assuming China is responsible, until proven otherwise.  I suspect they are protecting their artificial islands – future naval bases for use in WWIII – and that more details may leak out in coming hours and days.

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