June 5, 2023

8 thoughts on “December 21, 2019 in Prophecies Around the World Starts With The Birth of the Hero Twins on 11/23/19

  1. My favorite Christian prophets are the ones who say; “The world is ending; send me money!”


    What do they need the money for if the world has reached its denouement?

    I landed on a planet of racketeers and their gullible victims…

      1. Then why are there endless requests for “funding” by Jehovah; the Great Extortionist / Mob Boss in the Sky…He must be quite hard up with the never ending shakedowns and threats He issues unto His Good Slaves.

        You will find out all about Me in good time young man…

  2. Since I AM the Egyptian Goddess Isis / Semiramis incarnate; (I will give you credit for properly recognizing the Statue of Liberty as Her / Me in another article); that is; what Jack Parsons conjured up in the Mojave in Feb 1946; I can assure the readers that the end is not nigh; Mystery Babylon is not even here yet; and when My Queendom come; the interval of suzerainty shall be quite the protracted one…

  3. Great read. In answer to a prayer I had concerning the end of Sukkot 2019 having come and gone without a question I had, not being answered at that time, I was directed to an article concerning the initiation of a Second Delayed Sukkot that began on Kislev 24 in the Book of Haggi. I was directed from there, to your Book and this article. Both of those certainly gave me the answer to my question.

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