June 4, 2023

8 thoughts on “Mayan 2019 Prophecy: Birth of the Hero Twins

      1. I just discovered your book today on amazon and I find it interesting that that is the date I chose to begin the paradigm shift. I’m not here to fulfill a prophecy. I’m here to fulfill all the prophecies and I’m doing it with the help of my Mayan brother who is already a hero to the community that surrounds him. I could go on about how my birthday is encoded in the bible (see the failed jehovah witness 1975 prediction), my supernatural mother, or even how my ancestors were tied to the holy grail, but it’s what I’m about to do that’s far more important than road behind me. If you wish to contact me, I’m at greenravenfarm@gmail.com or write me off. The choice is yours to make.

  1. Hi David!
    – Best News I`ve had this year.
    This is direct Confirmation of a sky observation I had when I was taking our dog for an afternoon walk on November the 5th (2019), here in Sweden, around 3pm.

    We had been out roughly 10 min when I suddenly saw a hughe Angel/Bride overhead (must have been 100m or more). I felt “This is very special.”
    I kept looking up admiring it.

    When we came round the bend into more open landscape, I saw 2 little Cherubs to the left of the Bride.
    My intant thought was : “They are twins!” However I got the impression they were 1 female and 1 male, like Sun and the Moon.

    And boy was I surprised when I looked left of the 2 Cherubs, and saw a very big Dragon, somehow also resembling a scorpion, but definetely had the characteristic Dragon head. The entire Dragon, like the other cloudpictures , was very well defined.
    I was sort of dumbfounded!

    – And to top it all off, behind the Dragon, to the left, was this Quetsalquotl! (Mayan feathered serpent).
    Wow, this was just Amazing!

    I distinctly felt , this is a sign.
    At that very moment I interpreted it as The Woman giving birth to the manchild, and the Dragon waiting, wanting to devour them/it.

    But I strongly also felt, that the 2 Cherubs also were One. Like a Twinflame. Bride and Bridegroom.
    And that these Twins are about to get activated so save Humanity in this end phase.

    My phonecamera that usually doesn´t work, got decent pictures.
    I sent them to a friend who is psychic and he could see what I saw also.

    So these cloudpictures were aligned like on an unseen string or equator:

    Quetsalqoutl Dragon 2 Cherubs The Bride

    Thank you, David for posting this article.

    As a sidenote, we shouldn´t rule out the possibility that maybe Tabernacles, hasn´t passed yet……?

    Also interesting the Black Cat that appeared during the Giant´s footballgame on November 4th, 2019
    – could it be a 7 day lookout to 11:11 ?


    Susanne from Sweden

  2. Hello David! Excuse me for asking a question when I have not read your book – YET! Is it possible there was a gremlin in the software calculating the Mayan calendar start date ( deliberately by the Vatican the 7 hills of Rome ) that would make 2012 = 2019? Or are the 7 years between 2012 and 2019 the tribulation? 7 and 3 the numbers of a hypersphere, ie a torus.

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