March 1, 2024


Ascienceenthusiast just mocked my interpretation of end times Bible prophecy again.

“A totally serious and completely real Biblical prophecy claims that the apocalypse will happen in December 2019, ending life as we know it on Earth once and for all. More specifically, on December 28th. FREAKING FINALLY. It’s about damn time. I’ve been getting pretty tired of all these wannabe apocalypse events that end up falling through. So much promise, so little payoff. And of course, the source for this prophecy is none other than a book about a dude who may or may not have existed ~2000 years ago that was written 75 to 300 years after he died.

….According to Montaigne, an astronomical alignment in December will create a series of events such as earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, and massive Sharknadoes…”


I get it – He doesn’t approve of Bible prophecy at all, let alone my interpretation of it

I doubt he will even read the comment I posted, let alone the arguments I’ve made in books like End Times and 2019 or my more recent book on pole shift evidence.

I commented under his article:

“I hope I’m not making anyone think I feel the evidence proves 100% that anything must happen at a certain time. I have written about multiple clues that I interpret to point to December 2019 and I explain why in many of my articles and books. But I also realize that I worked to find a pattern and make sense of those clues. Maybe I’m right – the facts make me take that timing seriously and I have hoped others would assess my thinking. (One other researcher contacted me to let me know they independently came up with the same exact date for Judgment Day.) But that doesn’t prove anything. Facts can be true while a conclusion based on them is wrong.

There is always the chance that, like staring at an ink blot test until you recognize something in it – maybe I drew a conclusion from clues that will prove to be mere coincidences. The way the astronomical clues and biblical clues seem to correspond amaze me – especially how the sun, moon, and planets move in a way that symbolically acts out every major step of an ancient, week-long Jewish wedding ceremony in the sky during Hanukkah this year. The groom (the sun) giving the bride (Earth) a ring takes 8 minutes in the Jewish wedding ceremony, and almost 8 minutes for a total eclipse’s “diamond ring effect” as we see the corona around the edge of the moon. That also fulfills Isaiah 13:10, which says the sun will be dark as it rises – because this total solar eclipse will be visible from Jerusalem at sunrise on December 26. Hopefully this – and everything else I wrote about – proves to be meaningless coincidence. Hopefully 2019 ends uneventfully, with nothing more exciting than me humbly deciding that my days of trying to interpret end times Bible prophecy have ended. Time will tell soon enough.”



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