June 23, 2024

I recently answered a Quora.com question about why some people doubt the official version of events in 1969 and doubt we really sent astronauts to the moon.

I answered:

“Never A Straight Answer makes it hard to believe them about anything.

Modern digital analysis of the original moon landing tapes could clarify whether the footage was real or faked.

Oops! NASA accidentally taped over it. All 45 tapes.

Good news! Back up files were found on a computer in Pennsylvania!

But NASA ordered them destroyed.

So it makes some of us wonder what might have been discovered up there. Top guesses include: evidence from a previous, technologically advanced human civilization (like Atlantis) getting to the moon before the last pole shift over 12,000 years ago. They’d never admit finding that; they’d keep it secret and reverse engineer the technology. The same goes for evidence of the moon as an alien observation base, though we might not get access to craft of living aliens.

There are also many doubts that the technology we had in 1969 was truly capable of working as described on the moon. If it did, and nothing belief-threatening was found there, why did we stop going back?”

Someone quickly commented:


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