February 24, 2024

“I’ve never seen such scenes in Guadalajara,” said state governor, adding “Then we ask ourselves if climate change is real. These are never-before-seen natural phenomenons.” [Climate is changing because the Earth’s magnetic field is changing and we are heading into a pole shift.]

From Zerohedge.com: Guadalajara, located north of Mexico City and with a population of around five million, has been experiencing summer temperature of around 31 Centigrade (88 Fahrenheit) in recent days.

While seasonal hail storms do occur, there is no record of anything so heavy.

At least six neighborhoods in the city outskirts woke up to ice pellets up to two meters deep. –AFP


As children threw rock-hard ice balls at each other, Mexican Civil Protection personnel and state soldiers cleared the roads using heavy machinery.


Approximately 200 hopes and businesses reported hail damage, while around 50 vehicles were swept away in mountainous regions. Some were buried completely under the deluge of pellets.

No casualties were reported, however two people exhibited “early signs of hypothermia” according to the Civil Protection office.”

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