June 5, 2023

4 thoughts on “Is there currently a pole shift underway?

  1. It’s like the joke about the two campers startled by an approaching bear, whereupon one of them immediately begins to put on his running shoes, and the other says “You can’t outrun a bear!”.

    I think the pole shift is a case of: We won’t see it coming until it is on top of us, i.e. The Earth sways to & fro like a drunkard. However, if we know where to look, we will see the Illuminati ‘putting on their running shoes’.

  2. I see the sun rise about 28 degrees south of where I think it used to rise at the summer solstice – that works out at a south pole shift of about 2500km to 64 30 south and 62 00 west – or am I dreaming? My house on Google Earth faces 8 22 south of east, but the sun is rising now at about 20 degrees south of that, Our latitude is 25 19 30 so we are below the Tropic of Capricorn and should always have sunrise to the north of east.
    Robin Clanahan

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