May 28, 2023

3 thoughts on “NEWSWEEK: “Earth’s Magnetic Pole Is Moving ‘Quickly’ Toward Siberia: ‘It’s Clear Something Strange Is Happening’”

  1. Chan Thomas posits a magnetic null that the Solar system is moving into – as if this then magnetohydrodynamically releases the crust to reblance itself (suddenly, rather than slowly).

    From the accelerating movement of magnetic north, it is more likely that the Solar system is moving from a null into a repulsively polarised magnetic field, which eventually inverts the Earth, and crustal shift occurs as a consequence of that inversion.

    The Great Pyramid was built to deliver us this message: “Dear h sapiens, The Earth undergoes major trauma suddenly, and with hardly any warning – please prepare at least a century in advance.”

    1. If the pole shift trauma is sudden and with hardly any warning, yet you suggest it warns us to prepare a century in advance – I assume you also feel it gives us all the keys we need to calculate the timing.

      1. I don’t think it actually says ‘century’ anywhere, but that order of magnitude is implicit.

        The timing is specified by the shafts that point to Orion’s belt and Sirius. These only have meaning as a temporal warning if you understand the ‘special’ nature of the latter, and that there is relative movement between them.

        Other celestial gnomons comprise the Lascaux cave painting (Pleiades->Taurus->Orion = Sirius), which is also mythologically encoded, and the bow constellation (when the Jackal/Sirius is targeted by the bow’s arrow…).

        There is also the Hopi red/blue Kachina (Sirius) warning. For some reason, the light from Sirius appears to change between red white and blue over the millennia, probably some kind of prismatic/wavefront effect (interaction of sunlight) due to the proximity of Sirius (being only a few thousand AU), depending upon whether Sirius is receding or approaching (it’s just started approach, so slightly blue).

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