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September 22, 2023

3 thoughts on “Quora Question: Is it possible that humans created advanced civilizations tens of thousands years ago?

  1. The question can also be asked as: “Is it possible that homo sapiens remained at the stone age/hunter gatherer level of technological advancement for 488,000 of the last half million years of its existence?”

    The next question is: “If homo sapiens and its cities are largely erased every 12,000 years, what measures assure sufficient preparation for, and surpassing of, the next erasure?”

    A civilisation developed at just the right time, to be unwittingly harnessed?

      1. Indeed, and a rather terrible plan – in the sense of being almost beyond human conception.

        It’s the elephant that so many are feeling a tiny part of, and putting down to corruption, global domination, or just something ‘unfathomable’.

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