June 24, 2024

There is plenty of evidence for a periodic cycle of catastrophic pole shifts – but many people have the wrong ideas about Planet X or Nibiru.

Nibiru is totally misunderstood and is not a rogue planet crossing Earth’s path. If a planet came so close to Earth (close enough to cause devastation) every 3,600 years it would eventually have hit directly by now and destroyed Earth completely.

The Sumerians used the word Nibiru to describe a “crossing point” and intended a warning that when the winter solstice sun, accompanied by Marduk’s planet (Jupiter) are conjunct at the crossing point (of the ecliptic and the Milky Way) that is a time to watch for danger.

This rare alignment next occurs December 28, 2019 – and is part of the reasoning behind “End Times and 2019” – BUT that doesn’t necessarily mean a disaster must happen then – just that the Sumerians thought such an alignment at the crossing point (Nibiru) marked the time of the next cataclysm.


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