May 28, 2023

8 thoughts on “Pole Shift Due in 2046?

  1. How does a blast from The Sun cause cataclysm, and sedimentary evidence thereof?

    Let alone pole shift…

    1. Solar outbursts/micronova leave a layer of dust with certain heavy metal isotopes – and lots of miniature glass spherules with shapes that show they solidified with extremely fast spin. If interested Douglas Vogt comments a lot, as does Robert Schoch, and videos by Suspicious Observers, etc.

  2. Doug Vogt is the real deal. The Earth will slow down and days will be longer than 24 hrs leading up to the nova. There’s your sign people!! Watch Douglas Vogt’s videos, he’s brilliant. Diehold Foundation is his non-profit.

  3. You will first notice having to update your electronic time devices, like the one in your car, each year! First a minute or two then it will slowly start to accelerate and people will not fail to take notice of it! Nature will also react to the coming abrupt change as animals often will notice the disappearance of local magnetic anomalies that can occur before a large earthquake strikes.

  4. A planetary body that orbits our sun every +/- 3600 yrs. Depending on the side of the sun Earth is in its orbit decides the level of Catastrophe we are exposed to is more likely the culprit in my opinion. its a physical rapid pole shift, not simply magnetic. google Navy future map us, Edgar Casey future map, or mother Shiptons prophecy’s.

    1. I agree that pole shifts are quick; but Nibiru as understand by most people should be called “Imaginary Bullshit Planet” – and it has been. Stitchin caused a great misunderstanding by popularizing his sensational nonsense about such a planet. To Babylonians and Sumerians Nibiru was just a crossing point, and a planet crossed near it.

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