February 24, 2024


Syyenergy7 on Youtube recently put out a video focused on Douglas Vogt’s theory that the universe is a computer matrix which experiences a clock cycle resynchronization event (utter catastrophe and polar reversal on Earth) with the next pole shift catastrophe is due in 2046.

“Edgar Cayce was Right, 2046 Earth Changes. The 12068 year clock-cycle of the sun is a foreboding warning of drastic earth changes coming up in the mid 21st Century. This 12068 clock-cycle whereby our sun emits a mini-nova that scorches all planet on the side that faces the sun, has been occurring on a regular basis for billions of years. It will continue until our sun is no more. Many ancient accounts reflect catastrophic geological events and massive floods that have occurred on earth in eons past. Modern day readers of these earth changing events most often dismiss them as fables or legends, but there is geological evidence, via carbon-dating, that in fact massive earth changes and floods have occurred throughout the world on specific clock-cycle. The earth’s clock cycle is timed with the polar magnetic reversals that occur precisely every 12068 years. The exact, point of time of the polar magnetic reversal, is when our sun with emit a powerful mini-nova. This solar mini-nova will scorch everything on the side of the earth that is facing the sun at the time of the mini-nova. The atmosphere of that side of the earth will be forced over to the other side of the earth by the sun’s nova and exponentially compress the air, resulting a drastic drop in temperature on the opposite side of the earth. This is what caused the flash-freezing of the Mastodons in Siberia, Russia, over 12000 years ago.”

I commented: “Cayce suggested the start of the pole shift would be noticeable by 1998… and the 12,068 year clock cycle Douglas Vogt discovered is his theory only, not supported by anyone else. I think Vogt is a genius and he may be right – I just finished reading his book: Reality Revealed yesterday… but this is just a theory. Other clues point to the next pole shift in 2019, 2028, and many dates other than 2046… Read several books on pole shift evidence for a balanced view.”

Edgar Cayce was Right, 2046 Earth Changes

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPWklQMlrdw&w=496&h=266]

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