May 28, 2023

7 thoughts on “Pole Shift thoughts from Immanuel Velikovsky

  1. So, a good article would be: Where on Earth is likely to suffer the least trauma due to pole shift, i.e. where is survivability at least 50/50?

    Via some hand waving, the Great Cross at Hendaye is claimed to point to Cusco. Given the Nasca lines (which may well be blue prints for the Great Pyramid) are pretty much undisturbed, Cusco seems plausible.

    If we can deduce fixed crustal pivot points (from previous equators), does that imply the pivot points are reasonably safe locations?

    Obviously, TPTB have long been preparing their shelters, but I wonder if they expect that a good fraction of them may well be destroyed, in the hope that the majority are enough to achieve ‘continuity of technologically advanced civilisation’.

    1. Mario Buildreps suggests fixed pivot points with many small pole shifts moving the North Pole in a straight line through Greenland. If this were the case then Somalia would be in a very stable location.

      I don’t think there are fixed pivot points; I’ll go with Hapgood’s assessment of previous pole locations – all over.

      But IF Weidner and Bridges were right about the Great Cross of Hendaye then Cuzco could be a safe area. Evidence suggests it has not always been so, but it’s high up and equatorial and it seems like it could be safe this time.

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