November 29, 2023

5 thoughts on “Funding Favors Ignoring Evidence of Cataclysm

  1. Meanwhile, getting back to our immanent eschaton…

    While supposed scientists will self-suppress disturbing conclusions, TPTB are busily planting explanations for disturbing events, e.g. anthropogenic climate change (anomalies), nuclear subs that can trigger tsunami, and diseases that have amazingly similar symptoms to radiation sickness (due to magnetic field collapse) – see

    Keep calm and carry on.

      1. It certainly doesn’t, but there is a great deal of deception – much of it precisely intended to alert the astute few, at the same time as it sedates the majority. This is the nature of revelation today – it is targetted at the few who are most able to cope with it.

        Here’s another ready-made tsunami explanation:

    1. When it ends with: “Although this is simplistic It is combined with the knowledge of the ourorobos as the catayclism symbol as well as being pointed at its mouth….

      Notice the T- 20. & S- 19

      2019 pointed at the mouth of the ourorobos.
      Hexagram of last BEAST EMPIRE…. Beard shape of the 23 Greek or English W letter…
      From his quotes, creation of as above so as below baphomet character & this emblem… We have OCCULT knowledge of a Master Apept confirming 12-21-2019 as what they believe the Day of Judgment…..”

      I just can’t see that in the image

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