March 1, 2024


There was a video below promoting the idea that an “Ice Age” returns “like clockwork” – but unfortunately it has been removed

Cyclic Time

It had suggested that a pole shift and new ice age comes every 11,500 years with a more intense one every two cycles (23,000 years.)  I would suggest that his timing is slightly off, and he may be ignoring 1400-1500 years of melting glaciers in between – for a total of 12,900-13,000 years per half cycle event, and an almost 26,000 year cycle between the most intense events – just like the 25,920 year cycle of precession of the earth’s axis – which seems to be linked to cosmic events….


A pole shift creates new “ice ages” at the new poles, much like there are “ice ages” in Antarctica and Greenland today.  The evidence for a regular cycle of POLE SHIFTS that explain regional “ice ages” is massive, and I cover all the details in my newest book:

POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced

The first video link directly below no longer seems active:


This one wasn’t the one I originally wanted to post, but it’s still relevant:


Randall Carlson is always good:


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