May 28, 2023

4 thoughts on “Pole Shifts / Ice Ages Return in Cycles – Predictable Like Clockwork

  1. What most alternative climatologists fail to notice is that there is an extremely sudden change to The Earth. Even if there is a gradual onset of climatic and other anomalies that ramps up over a period of years prior, this is not the ‘main event’.

    One doesn’t have to spend 12,000 years in preparation for something that mankind could otherwise accommodate as and when it happens. Nor does one have to build megalithic pyramids that will last umpteen platonic years just so that future civilisations can be tipped off as to the ELE that will strike without warning.

    So this is not a mere argument as to whether climate change is anthropogenic or cosmogenic. It is to recognise that anthropogenic climate change was invented by the cognoscenti precisely to avoid alarm over precursors to pole shift…

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