June 24, 2024

What would you think was happening if you saw these lights above your town?


“Another great night in Abisko! Last night at approximately 25 minutes after midnight we noticed a set of unusual blue lights on the webcam, which at first could only be described as a UFO. As time passed, the blue lights expanded and looked like two giant squid dancing in the northern sky with an impressive aurora display as its backdrop. The combination of the blue light, the auroras and the Suns orange glow on the horizon combined to make on otherworldly scene! I have lived in Abisko for nearly a decade and am still surprised by just how amazing a night in the National Park can be. As a matter of fact, our webcam has been taking a picture every five minutes for nearly 10 years these images are by far the most exciting Ive ever seen it record! What a fantastic way to close out the 2018/19 aurora season!”  (SOURCE)

But at another site we learn this light show was the effect of rockets launching powder into the magnetic storm of an intense aurora:

“STRANGE LIGHTS OVER NORWAY AND SWEDEN: Last night (April 5th) in Norway, researchers at the Andøya Space Center launched two sounding rockets into a minor geomagnetic storm. The results were out of this world. Aurora tour guide Kim Hartviksen photographed the display:

“Residents for hundreds of miles were taken by surprise by these strange lights, which prompted a lot of calls to the police and ‘The aliens are coming!’ hysteria!” says Chris Nation who runs the Aurora Addicts guiding service.

When the night began, Nation, Hartviksen, and their clients were treated to a fine outburst of auroras, ignited by a stream of solar wind buffeting Earth’s magnetic field. “As the auroras started to ebb away, our friends at Andøya launched their rockets into the fading lights,” says Nation. “The show began anew as the rockets released their payload of fine powders into upper atmosphere.”

An automated webcam operated by Chad Blakely of Lights over Lapland in Abisko, Sweden, caught the first puffs of powder emerging from the rockets. “It looked like an invasion of UFOs,” says Blakley.”

No one has ever seen sprites or auroras like this before… So is our science just learning new ways to interfere and experiment with the Earth’s magnetic field – or is the field itself doing something new, as it weakens and reverses in the early stages of a pole shift?


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