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September 21, 2023

4 thoughts on “Postlude to Chan Thomas’ CIA Classified – The Adam and Eve Story

  1. In ‘Adam & Eve – Postlude’ Chan Thomas writes “At the time of a cataclysm the entire Solar System passes through a magnetic null in the Milky Way Galaxy. These nulls are sometimes called ‘reversals’. Some physicists are beginning to suspect that we are heading into another null zone at an accelerating rate.”

    When you consider that, due to barycentric orbit about its twin, The Sun is could well be oscillating between oppositely polarised magnetic fields (with nulls in between), then it is more plausible that the Earth flips 180 like a bar magnet (with minor crustal shift a consequence) every 12,000 years, than that the crust suddenly slips a bit due to an exotic mhd effect (that must implausibly be a sudden thixotropic phase change to cause such a sudden/rapid shift). We know it doesn’t shift 90 degrees as this theory implies.

    This is why magnetic North is drifting at an accelerating rate – we have left the ‘null’ and are now entering a magnetic field of opposite polarity to the one The Earth was travelling through in the last 12,000 years. There will be increasing negative stability until the straw breaks the camel’s back and The Earth flips (suddenly).

    Similar to Hapgood’s, Chan Thomas’ theory of crustal displacement leaves so much to be desired, that it is beginning to smell like a deliberate distraction. I note Chan Thomas is sympathetic to some of the ideas of Velikovsky, which indicates awareness that his magnetohydrodynamic theory is missing an external cause – just where does that ‘twice a platonic year’ causation come from?

    A little clue for us: the frontispiece is a blatant Vesica Piscis (sacred almond, luz, etc.), which, as any cognoscenti knows, is the barycentric intersection of our Sun’s orbit with its twin.

    1. Chan Thomas does say the null zone is galactic in nature – but on the other hand he has so many wacky ideas on UFOs, ESP, and pole shifts – who knows how much of it is right or wrong or crazy. I’ve been analyzing newly obtained documents – various versions of book he wrote – for the last few weeks. It’s fascinating to me, but he certainly has unconventional beliefs.

      1. Well, it is at least interesting to find that someone else considered the possibility of cataclysm being caused by movement of the solar system through magnetic fields (and null zones thereof). If Chan Thomas knew about the Sun’s binary orbit (of 24,000 years) he’d probably conclude this was the prime mover.

        Perhaps he might even then conclude that it wasn’t the loss of ambient magnetic field (null) that caused crustal shift, but its reversal (causing 180° pole flip & concomitant crustal shift).

      2. People fail to refer to the Vedas and Yugas. They clearly document the historical significance of our zodiac, it seems to be a precision clock works with extreme resets or progressions to following ages. One could surmise it was put in place to keep homoidious to keep from completely destroying a wonderful planet? In any case it’s marked as 2025 as zero hour to the next age. We’ll see I guess?

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