July 13, 2024

Politicians love few things, but taxes and lies are definitely in that short list.  They get a combination double punch when they hide evidence of the true cosmic cycles that cause major climate change and deceive us with propaganda that it is our fault – that the cause of global warming is man-made pollution – then they can tax us for carbon emissions while doing nothing (for us) about the approaching crisis they know is coming due again soon.

The politicians describe a planetary crisis.  French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, speaking at the Brookings Institute on May 14, 2014, dramatically announced:  “We are – all of you know it – on the edge of a climatic abyss,” and used similar phrasing at the White House and in France’s parliament. “We have 500 days to avoid climate chaos.” The precision of his warning was striking: we usually perceive climate issues as gradual and incremental. What was going to happen in mid-September 2015?”

It certainly wasn’t runaway global warming.  The northern hemisphere in particular has been much colder than normal recently.

Economist Martin Armstrong’s experience analyzing cycles has led him to review cycles related to socio-economic conditions – which leads to his most recent article on climate change and its solar cause.  Could the cycle bottom in solar activity, as evidenced by sunspot numbers, be responsible for the frigid winter conditions in early 2019?


I found the chart above looking up the words “Vogt solar cycles” as Douglas Vogt contends the sun is the main actor causing of earth changes / pole shifts which occur in a cycle of over 12,000 years.

Armstrong notes: “The peaks in solar activity have been declining with each wave…. It is now declining faster than ever previously known for nearly the last 10,000 years. Pretend scientists claim climate change is due to human activity. They were predisposed to arrive at that conclusion and not offer legitimate analysis whatsoever. Society expands during warming cycles and contracts during periods of global cooling…. the short-term cycle would warn of a further cold period into 2024/2025. The problem here is that if governments can blame humans, then they can tax us. When something is natural, there is no one to tax…. So YES, there is always climate change, but humans do not create it.”


Armstrong has many articles about pole shifts including this one which makes many points I agree with:

“The North Pole was previously in Hudson Bay” [until] “… about 12,000 years ago when it came to its present location…. the equator was in fact 30 degrees further south in South America. It most likely passed through central Chile and Argentina. Antarctica was most likely free of all ice. That could explain the existence of the map of Antarctica without ice that has been found.”

There are other statements I disagree with… the bottom line is that we should consider variations and cycles in the sun as the main cause of climate change and pole shifts / ice ages (which are regional depending on the positions of the poles after a crustal displacement.)


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