May 18, 2024

In the wake of a mass shooting in a New Zealand mosque that killed dozens of Muslim worshipers, one Australian Senator made a bold and politically incorrect statement that focuses on an inconvenient truth: Islam is not a religion of peace.


I commented at the Foxhole blog where I found this:

“Unlike Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, this one points out the politically incorrect elephant in the room – Islam is not a religion of peace – though it is shameful that the shooter stooped down to the level of violence of Islamic terrorism.”

Anyone who takes prophecy seriously knows that relations between Islamic and Christian civilizations are unlikely to improve in the near future.  Nostradamus sees the two religions fighting WWIII in the early 21st centuryEnd Times Bible prophecy describes a false religion that will aim to rule from Jerusalem and eradicate Judaism and Christianity.  Islamic prophecy foresees a savior, a Mahdi, who closely resembles Christianity’s Antichrist.  Time will tell very soon if these prophecies are correct.

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