March 1, 2024

Oppenheimer Ranch put me on Youtube

I’m not just posting about this video made by “Diamond” a.k.a. Youtube’s Oppenheimer Ranch Project channel because my blog and book were shown on it (but yes, I’m pretty happy about that.)

The chart (by Randall Carlson of the Geocosmic Rex channel on Youtube) displayed for much of the video shows how the biggest disasters of the last 150,000 years almost all fall on one axis through the cycles of time – probably because a solar micronova and a civilization-ending POLE SHIFT happens every half precession cycle – roughly every 12,900 years.

“We need to be controlled because we don’t understand what we are.”

The Great Year – The Yuga Cycle – Cosmic Catastrophe Cyle – The Clock Cycle – Micro Nova & Amnesia


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