June 4, 2023

6 thoughts on “Great Year – Cosmic Catastrophe Cycle

  1. The layman will just look at that diagram and think “Astrology? Oh, it’s just another load of bunk then, not worth a second glance.”

    Funny thing is, ‘astrology’ is the true science concerning our understanding of the cosmos and Earth’s place in it, whereas ‘astronomy’ is a distraction.

    Talking of distractions, where does this ‘micronova’ idea come from? What it its basis?

    1. I first read about the micronova or solar outburst idea from Thomas Gold, who wrote about evidence on the surface of the moon, that the sun has had brief moments of extreme intensity during the last 30,000 years… Enough to melt/glaze rock on the lunar surface, even if only for a minute or less. The next person I read similar ideas from was Dr. Robert Schoch, famous for work in the early 1990s as a geologist backing up John Anthony West’s claim that the Sphinx had water erosion from 10,000+ years ago… Schoch wrote a book called: Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future. More recently, many channels I watch on youtube from Ben Davidson, Suspicious Observers, the Diehold Foundation, the Oppenheimer Ranch Project… many are discussing solar outbursts and micronovas in recent months.

      1. Presumably this ‘evidence’ on the surface of the moon was obtained from surveys conducted by Apollo astronauts?

        Given those surveys were probably conducted in the antarctic or Greenland (not the surface of The Moon that Kubrick simulated), that more likely indicates vitrification processes on the Earth’s surface (volcanic ejecta).

        I am convinced by terrestrial evidence concerning water erosion about the Sphinx (12,000 year cataclysmic cycle), but a ‘solar outburst’ remains lacking in evidence.

        It is plausible that a 180° flip can lead to super-heating winds on the Earth’s surface, for which it seems there is some evidence at ancient sites, i.e. rocks/ruins are slightly vitrified on faces sharing a particular lateral direction. Whereas with a ‘micronova’, one would assume the top surfaces would be vitrified (the radiation being diminished at lesser, ultimately tangential, angles by the atmosphere, obstructions, etc.).

        Nevertheless, the micronova idea is becoming fashionable. But still with zero tie-in to the great year – in causation terms.

      2. Case in point: https://hiddenincatours.com/tanis-egypt-clear-example-ancient-cataclysm-march-2018/

        Brien Foerster: “And the large slab above, the stone being quartzite from a quarry near Cairo, shows obvious signs of extreme heat damage. This all falls in line with the idea that the cataclysm was a flash of plasma from the sun that occurred 12,000 years ago”

        Well, no, it doesn’t fall in line. Why does a flash of plasma from The Sun travel horizontally, instead of vertically downwards (at midday)? Moreover, a flash of plasma may cause high temperatures, but does it topple stone structures as 1,000-2,000mph winds might?

      3. Elsewhere, Foerster suggests that the ‘plasma flash’ occurred first thing in the morning (hence the horizontal direction). So, that means it’s a pretty brief flash (can’t last more than 30 mins say).

        Naturally, this would have to have been a global event, and may indicate that other parts of the planet that, at that time, were directly facing The Sun (unobstructed by atmosphere or mountains, etc.) would have been even more damaged (on their top sides). I’ve not come across any hints of such damage.

        A plasma flash sounds brief.

        A micro-nova sounds like it lasts a few days.

        The idea that “It is an outburst from The Sun that causes cataclysm” remains extremely lacking in plausible supporting arguments, let alone evidence.

        However, Chan Thomas in his Adam & Eve book does suggest extremely high winds (with heating effect), though he doesn’t suggest a 180° flip (the only possible movement of The Earth that would be fast enough to give rise to them).

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