December 3, 2023

6 thoughts on “Video: System Schoch – Earth Cycles

      1. Well, according to my theory, The Earth’s magnetic field is just as strong as ever. What’s happening is that the external (opposing) field is increasing – as the solar system moves into it, in its 24,000 year barycentric orbit. This makes it appear that The Earth’s field is weakening.

        1. I understand – the net field, local minus the opposing binary star field, is in your opinion appearing to weaken overall only because of the growing influence of the field from the approaching binary companion as we approach the closest point in our shared orbit.

      2. Well, not quite.

        The Sun is currently furthest away from its binary companion.

        It was closest 12,000 years ago, and will be again 12,000 years from now, when the companion will blaze, rendering other stars as pale imitations. At the moment, it’s just a star, even if the brightest in the night sky.

        The galactic magnetic field, say SN/NS, bisects the barycentric orbit. Thus, as The Earth in NS orientation moves out of the SN field, through the neutral zone, and then into the NS field, eventually (soon) The Earth is compelled to pole flip to SN, where it remains for another 12,000 years.

        It is the geologically recorded consequences of that flipping that has people deducing that there must have been some kind of energy burst from The Sun. Au contraire, The Sun remains constant, but when The Earth flips, and the crust shifts, the polar ice caps suddenly melt, and so it seems as if there must have been a sudden increase in energy reaching the surface. Nope, it’s just that The Earth has suddenly reoriented.

        It is remarkable that Ben Davidson appears unaware of 180 degree flip theories.

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