November 29, 2023

2 thoughts on “Video: POLE SHIFT Evidence on Mars

  1. So, if a ‘solar outburst’ is the cause of pole shift on Mars AND Earth, and the suggested mechanism for causing it is imbalance due to ice acumulation, which causes crustal shift only upon sufficient lubrication, which is enabled by the solar outburst, then this implies the crustal makeup of Mars is simlar to Earth, and Mars has ice accumulation at its poles too?

    Hmm. Sounds a bit implausible.

    Why does an energy outburst cause a planet to turn upside down – or otherwise shift its crust? What is the mechanism?

    1. Although Mars does seem to have ice at its poles, and liquid water in the crust, I am not suggesting it has surface or crust features similar to Earth. But it has had mass imbalances like Olympus Mons, and articles have suggested it has migrated from a polar to equatorial area – somewhat related to the process of an imbalanced ice cap on Earth doing the same.

      The solar energy outburst probably involves light and heat, and electricity and magnetism. The electromagnetic portion is probably what causes a pole shift, assuming the geodynamo theory is wrong, since the Earth’s core is well beyond the Curie point for iron and magnetic properties are absent at such temperatures…

      The Earth is probably rotating in the magnetic field generated by the sun, which itself is receiving electrical power via galactic Birkeland plasma currents.

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